BMW Z4 vs. Honda S2000

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    Can you post the pic in your avater?
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    Z4 3.0 SMG S 2000

    Manufacturer BMW Honda
    Testing Date 5/2003 1/2000
    Engine 2979 cccm, 6 Zyl , 24 V 1997 cccm, 4 Zyl , 16 V
    Power 231 PS (170 KW) @ 5900/min 240 PS (176 KW) @ 8300/min
    Torque 300 Nm @ 3500/min 208 Nm @ 7500/min
    Transmission 2 (6) 0 (6)
    Weight 1396 Kg 1275 Kg
    Weight / BhP 6 Kg / PS 5,3 Kg/ PS
    0 - 100 Km/h 6 s 6,2 s
    0 - 200 Km/h 27,5 s 24,5 s
    0 - 200-0 Km/h 32,5 s 29,8 s
    Top Speed
    250 Km/h * el. begrenzt 241 Km/h
    80 - 120 Km/h 4.Gear 6,4 s 7,2 s
    100 - 0 Km/h hot 38,4 m , 10 m/s 36,1 m , 10,7 m/s
    Transverse Acceleration 1,2 g 1,1 g
    Slalom Course 36 / 110m 131 / 149 Km/h 118 / 128 Km/h
    Round Time Nuerburgring 8.32 min 8.39 min
    Round Time Hockenheim 1.18,1 min 1.18,9 min

    I hope this helps,but a very close call.Depends on what you like.And I dont think that BMW copied Hondas S2000.What about Z3,and the cars before that?I wouldnt know what to choose,The Screamer or the Beemer.
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    Ill take the BMW Z4. It's got more class.
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    Me to
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    I like the Z4. It just looks bad as hell!
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    In the S2000 forums, there is one with a guy putting the S2000 against the BMW M3. He quoted, 'the M3 would beat the S2000 in a line, but on a track the S2000 wold kick the M3's arse.
    I've got one thing to say to you, "Your a dickhead"
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    Aside from the fact that I think the Z4 will outperform any Honda on a race track and in this case on a dragstrip, there are certain intangibles that Hondas will never, ever possess. Although one can argue that Hondas are more reliable and that they are more fuel-efficient, in the end, its still a Honda parked in your garage, which is not to say that that's something to be ashamed of. But a Z4, SLK, or even a TT comes with proven racing heritage and the knowledge that those companies are interested in things other than maximum profit margin, that they sink money into racing for pride and prestiege, and that they pioneer almost every new technology, while Toyota (Lexus), Honda (Acura), and Nissan (Infiniti) then outfit their cars with the same tech three years later after it's been perfected. Example: the hard-top convertible on the SLK, then the Lexus SC430 and the Caddilac XLR. Meanwhile, other companies receive praise for their reliablility and perceived lack of technological kinks which are only a result of employing the innovations after they've been perfected. I haven't even made any mention of the European cars' better looks, or the fact that some Japanese cars, specifically Toyota (Lexus) copy them.
    I understand how a buyer might conclude that the Japanese car is better, but I would take the German alternative based on the looks, track performance, and history that come with a BMW, benz, or Audi.
    Wow, that sounds extremely biased. I'm sorry.
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    the z4 is beastly man it looks like way better but i say in the long run the Z4 might brake down i mean the honda s 2000 is really reliable
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    Every BMW, Merc, Audi, VW, Porsche is a result of years and years of research and technological advances. Every Japanese car is a reworked copy of what European carmakers have worked hard to create. The Z4 has more quality, style, and similar (even better) track and street performance...I go with the beamer...not the screamer...
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    The Z4 is a great car, it really is, but i mean for a car that has 2/3 the size of the engine, 2/3 the price.. no one would think you could compare these two cars in the first place but you could because they're both just as good... now if honda made an s2000 with a 6 cylinder, and at the Z4's price range, it would kill the z4. just compare the stats.. z4 0-60 5.3 sec. s2000 0-60 5.2 sec. bottom line, honda all the way
  11. Honda technology

    In my opinion, the race will depend on driver's ability.

    two cars are too close in their abilities. i don't think neither one of them has absolute superiority on each other.

    just comparing the car with their specification is not enough to determine the result.

    For example, the top speed on specifications is not important to determine car's ability.

    top speed can easily be changed by modifying the gear ratio. if you are racing on oval circuit, then you use wide gear ratio to gain higher top speed, if you are racing on technical circuit such as suzuka, then you should use close ratio.

    Also, importance of higher torque increases when racing uphill.
    But downhill race decreases the importance of power and torque.

    In the end, i think that Z4 would claim victory in most cases if both car are driven by normal person.

    Unfortunately, i didn't have chance to experience both Z4 and S2000. But I believe that Z4 is the car that is easier to drive due to the generous torque and wide powerband. Since S2000 driver will need to maintain very high RPM throughout the race, it looks like that driving S2000 requires more technique (just flooring the gas pedal doesn't maintain the high RPM).

    However, if both cars were competing in professional race, then it all depends on the driver's abilities.

    I agree that BMW has history and technology, however, one should not say that Honda lacks the tech.

    Honda was the first Japanese car maker to enter the Formula one.(1964)

    F1 legend Ayrton Senna won all of his championship with Honda engine.(88.90.91. team:Honda Marlboro McLaren)

    This season, BAR-Honda is ahead of both Willams-BMW and McLaren-Mercedes in constructor's competition.

    Although it doesn't have direct connection to automobile technology, Honda's invention of ASIMO proved their technological ability.

    ASIMO is world's most sophisticated humanoid robot.

  12. The S2000 was made with performance in mind. I'm sure if BMW created an M version of the Z4, no kind of S2000 would be able to touch it. I mean, how many 6-cylinder cars do you know of that are naturally aspirated and produce 333 hp?
  13. I agree, even though honda is probably trying to keep a small engine size i think that upgrading to V or inline 6 and with proper modifications, that honda will be able surpass 240hp and smoke tha BMW
  14. Well the z4 has similar specs to a boxster, & the s2k stomps all over a boxster.

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