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  1. Thousands of different people. Reddit is probably the best place to follow polandball comics

    Here's another one that comes to mind:

  2. Hemistage:

    "I hate niggers, spics, muzzies and fucking gooks but I'm not a racist"
  3. Norway is an EFTA member. They have no saying in what kind of laws/regulations are in place, yet are obliged to adhere to them. And they pay more money to the EU than Finland that is an EU member and a more populous one at that.

    Freedom isn't free but neither is EFTA. Or EU.
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  4. Police departments in the UK have reported a significant increase in hate crime after the result of the referendum. To what extent the referendum is responsible for this kind of behaviour can be debated but it certainly is a contributing factor.

  5. The responses to this post are hilarious.

    But seriously how can anyone vote for this mangled apricot hellbeast? My average farts make more sense and are more factual than this guy.

    Do the Hemistages of the world not see all the levels of wrong in comments like these? It's fucking scary how far one can get simply by making shit up.
  6. You are a fucking idiot, learn gaullism and the history of the 5th republic before talking and psouting such mindless crap gaulle about socialists&f=false
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    How can anyone vote for a lying swine and a socialist ***** like Clinton?
    Let's see how trustworthy is that pos of clinton and there are enough solid charges for prosecuting hillary and bill :

    I see more the level of wrong by anyone who vote for clinton and who likes illegals more than their own people. See how are badly treated vietnam, first gulf war, second gulf war and afghanistan war veterans. You think that someone that sacrificed everything for his country should be put and no be given proper medicare and shelter behind an illegal??
  8. Oh pardon my mistake. Should have been more specific: cheese-eating surrender poultry

    And my asshole is totally first rate

  9. Probably.

    And you hate niggers. Why is it so hard to admit? Are you afraid that your rants will somehow not be taken seriously if you openly admit to being racist?

    Do you not hate niggers? Yes or no?
  10. Of course not. The members of the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS got really substandard benefits which is a shame.
  11. You know something's wrong with your politics when you cast your vote according to the lesser evil (in your opinion).
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  12. Why do you imply what I have never said and why do you always have the need to deform someone elese 's statements? To prove that because someone doesn't fill with your shitty socialist standards or views that he is a racist, right?? Too easy, very typical and hypocritical from the left as I could expect it. Also, for the note, I don't really have to justify my views to you or anyone else, if you can't deal with the reality, that is not my problem. I like and appreciate before all law abiding and respectful citizens no matter what their race is. Maybe you should see who is rotting in jail and for which reasons before bitching and screaming racism all the damn time.
  13. You can hardly expect logic nor having the ability to reason from a liberal or a socialist....
  14. I was referring to
    Regardless of Clinton, Trump makes very little sense.
  15. And elephants can fly. Like you ever even said hello to a black person.
  16. There's zero reasoning with you, since you're insane, yet you're saying the same about other people? weird.
  17. Years and years of posting stuff like this (wasn't even the worst you have made, just a result of quick google searching hemistage):

    "voting for obama means supporting osama. Leftists and ghetto boyz are really pieces of shit polluting America. I truly regret there is not someone like Mc Carthy in the USA of today, he would have made a massive anti leftist and antighetto boy housecleaning"

    Talking about madmen like McCarthy in an admiring way, promoting the destruction of political/ethnic/socioeconomic groups, advocating murder and genocide, etc. If that's not a racist/fascist then what the **** is?

    Now I'm basing my assumption that you ARE a racist on thousands of your posts that you have made over the years. You say that I do that because I'm a leftist with "shitty socialist standards". I've never voted for anything left. I do not have any political inclination whatsoever. You'd be hard pressed to find anything I've said on this site in a non-sarcastic manner that would promote socialism.

    I'm not the one who's falsely attaching labels to people or the one who "can't deal with reality".
  18. Wait wait wait wait waaaaait.
    Where are you from again?
  19. Latitude:
    48.8667 (48° 52′ 0.12″ N)
    2.3333 (2° 19′ 59.88″ E)
  20. He's French, but he'll tell you he's a mix of about 10 different nationalities.

    He wishes he was American, though.
  21. Paris?

    Then why the hell does anybody listen or argue anything about America with him?
    The conversation is over.
  22. Where's the fun in that?

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