Bugatti Veyron-based Sedan?

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    Bugatti Veyron-based Sedan?

    According to rumours, the noble make Bugatti – owned by Volkswagen – is planning to add a second model to its Veyron two-seater sports car. With this, Bugatti would follow the current trend of adding a coupe –like four door to the model range just like Porsche does with the upcoming Panamera and Mercedes with the CLS, the latter already being on the market.

    A Veyron-based Bugatti four door sedan in the style of a coupe would be the top of the line luxury car, affordable for the ultra rich only. Like with the Porsche Panamera, any real prototype of the four door has not been sighted in public yet. However, it is being suggested that the car gets power from a 8.0 litre 950 HP engine mounted up front – thus a little less than its 1000 HP Veyron mid-engined sibling .

    If the new Bugatti sedan comes on the market within the next four years, it is expected to cost at least 1.0 million US Dollars.

    The photos are showing two computer images giving an artist’s impression of how the car could look like.
  2. So far, we only need the SUV and Minivan rumours to turn Bugatti into the brand with the biggest rumoured line-up.
  3. reviving the old EB 112 concept?
  4. I could dig that. I just hope that if it is made, it's more Bugatti and less VAG.
  5. First there are speculations of a targa Veyron, now a sedan. What's next, a pick up truck, or is that too much in to Porsche territory?
  6. where's the veyron based hot hatch ?
  7. well the design is ok
  8. Don't forget the TT based Bugatti, wich was quite amusing.
  9. or a pick-up just to beat the 2010 Cayenne?
  10. and the Super Veyron GT
  11. Michel van den Brink made this. I think it looks pretty cool.
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  13. I hope they stay closer to the EB112 than that awful redesigned EB118
  14. Lotus Elise =/= Lotus Elise "Load Lugga"
  15. haha I remember that April 1st one
  16. aslong as they manage to give it some identity - because this family look that Bentley, Bugatti, and skoda have down grade all the brands
  17. the car is pimped out its crazy
  18. Are you a tim westwood impersonator ?
  19. cool i love their old sedan concepts
  20. WTF
  21. Its that you are acting like a retarded 13 yo white kid who thinks that he is black ...
  22. im not white u dumb shit
  23. You are just retarded ? Ok, thanks for clearing that up kid
  24. I'm surprised they didn't base it off the Flying Spur.
  25. conti GT back, and skoda-like front ( hint-hint at WTF? )

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