Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by doyle, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. do you think bugatti is a man or some kind of transvestite
  2. this is a personal attack.
  3. people are entitled to their sexual preference you bastard, and Transvestites are MEN too.
    You are a bullsh!tter, and can't really think of anything above the "Lets create another thread about the person who created one about me, so that i will get back at them." mentality.
  4. i think so
  5. I think (know) you have down syndrome.
  6. so you are a transvestite
  7. i take that back this forum should not be personal it is about cars how about we stick to that
  8. you just set yourself up for a flaming with every pathetic post you make, do you know that?
  9. what is so bad about doyle
  10. He creates multiple accounts to try and defend himself.
  11. owned
  12. just another reason why people dont like him
  13. This forum is a shit hole.
  14. why do you refer to yourself as "him"?

    give up, this is pathetic. just get a completely differnet account, and don't try to blend in straight away by dissing yourself.

    oh, and give it a few days we don't see you rejoin this place, cos you'll just get flamed to hell straight away
  15. You could've at least put in a different birth date when you started this account, doyle.
  16. hahaha
    prehaps its an evil twin.
  17. Or maybe they are from two different dimensions, and they are fighting to become.... THE ONE!
  18. maybe it's his dipshit twin
  19. pwned...

    doyle, just give up
  20. Thanks for not being lazy, like SOME people.
  21. doyle, what kind of Porsche does you dad own/slash take off the lot every night.
  22. must be a 999...
  23. cuz hes as stupid as you
  24. If I were you I would seriously kill myself.

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