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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by cobrajet, Dec 29, 2004.

  1. This summer i plan to buy a used pick up truck and fix it up real nice. What do u recommend i buy. and WHY
  2. Full size?
  3. full size or small
  4. 1990 454 SS Silverado.
  5. why?
  6. That defeats the whole purpose of a truck.
  7. Because he's an American fanboy, that loves tons of power, with no purpose.

    Are you getting a truck to actually use, or to just look like a badass?
  8. what would u recommend Xterra Owner?
  9. they didnt even have tons of power. they were so choked up on the intake and exhaust side. they had 190hp or something like that, but they did have alot of torque. they get horrible gas mileage and theyre slow. my neighbor has a 1990 454 SS and its a heap. she drives it only when she needs the truck bed. other than that she drives her civic around. it pretty much sits in the driveway. she is selling it tho, but she wants 8 or 11k for it i think. shes nuts. youde be better off buying an old dodge little red express.
  10. i would want something that has good gas mileage. i plan to drive it alot too.
  11. Ford F-150
    Chevrolet 1500
    Toyota Tacoma
    Toyota Tundra

    If you're looking for something with good gas mileage, Ford Ranger. Out of these, I would personally prefer the Toyota Tacoma.
  12. I agree if you get a compact pickup get a tacoma.

    If you get a fullsize i would recommend a silverado.
  13. If you want an old fullsize, get an old F-150. Not to mention, the old F-150 looks freakin' awesome! I wanted one, then I got a good deal on a Ranger.
  14. If i were you i would go with the Chevrolet 1500. If you want to save some gas you could get the 4.3L, its good on gas and is a pretty torquey V-6. Short box,long box, reg. cab, extended cab, is up to you. I've got a 1500 short box with sport side and there is alot you can do to make them look even better. If you want something bigger, look at a Ford F-250, they look pissed with a nice lift kit.
  15. VW Fox pickup.
  16. WHy?
  17. what?
    1st Gen S-10 reg cab/bed
    V-8 swap
    finish to taste

    trucks sell for well under 1k running
    light weight, but big engine bay
    parts availability

  18. Subaru Brat
  19. when ever i see VW i think of hitler and that is why ill never buy a VW. the whole beetle thing
  20. Whenever I see Ferrari I think of Mussolini, and that is why I will never buy a Ferrari.
  21. Henry Ford supported the Nazis you know.
  22. How? It's already a 2WD so it's not gonna do much off-road. It's still got a box. It's not very far from a normal Chevy C1500. And it's not like it's got tons of power either; 240 horses.

    And it's not one of them show trucks dragging the frame rails on air suspension and no swaybars, 24" wheels and no-pro tires, and a huge hole in the bed (which is welded to the cab) in order for the rear frame/suspension to have clearance.
  23. my friend has an f150 5 speed (v6) that gets pretty good mileage, and f150's are really good trucks.
  24. I'd go for either a Dodge Little Red Express Truck, a GMC Sonoma-I had one & they are great on gas & can haul more than you think for their size-an old Nissan Hardbody that you can beat up on & still drive, a Silverado 1500 or a Ram.
  25. I4 Tacoma then.

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