can you price these mods for me?

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  1. is there a general price range for these mods? im looking for things to get that are under $200 and easy to install myself (ie, no port polishing...)

    kevlar brake pads
    ceramic brake pads
    steel braided brake lines
    cold air intake
    short throw shifter kit
    air dam
    clear side markers
    professional ECU chip upgrade
  2. All of those should be $200 or less, if you're a good shopper.
  3. Really? a quality air dam for
  4. Everything you listed goes from Pep-boys crap to handmade big $$$ perfection, so it's up to you how much the quality is worth.

    Taiwanese, ill-fitting, rip off, Super-Ninja-Weapon-Samurai air dam $125, fitted Carbon Fiber air dam that looks good and actually performs, $1250.

    Knowing the difference and avoiding non-functional crap... priceless.
  5. what car pigslut
  6. Also depends what car. A front lip made of CF for my Mazda is about $300. A CF front lip for my dad's E46 M3 is costing him $1800
  7. haha
    How about this... instead of asking us for the prices and wasting our time, why don't you do some research on these items.
    PS I doubt that you could install a "professional ECU chip upgrade" yourself, being that you are not a professional... hence the laugh.
  8. this guys an idiot, stop posting, all you do is want and never give
  9. do you know anything about working on a car? if you are good with cars, i assume that you shouldent have alot of problems putting in everything but the ECU......if you want to know the prices though get your off lazy ass, and do some research!...btw what kind (brand)of ECU were you planning of putting in?
  10. custom ECU tuning gets EXPENSIVE. matters what your rolling too. what kinda cars it on?
  11. all of these items depend on where you buy them, what quality, what brand, what model, there are a lot of variables involved.

    There is a huge differnce between an APC intake for a Neon, and a Greddy intake for a NSX.
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    I'm sure they've got all the prices, find them yourself.
  13. Under $200? Must be the cheap ones...
  14. a lot of those things you can buy used if you're car has a big aftermarket, when i was shopping around for my gti i got

    body kit 600
    rims with premium tires - swap for stock
    cai - 90
    custom sub woofer amp etc 150
    taillights - swap for stock

    exhaust - 350
    HU 400
    rieger shift knob 55 (sold old one and it ended up only costing 15)
    springs 75
    shocks 400
    grill - 90

    now what the retail of these itmes was

    kit >1200
    rims w/ tires 2300
    CAI 150
    Sub amp, over 400
    taillights 200
    exhaust close to 600
    HU got it at circuit city so no savings
    shiftknob 90
    springs 150
    shocks 799
    grill 150

    i payed: close to 2000 including minor things i need to buy to install which i did all myself etc...

    now new all this would have cost well over 4000

    now that's 50%%%% savings, did i find once in a lifetyme deals like free rims? sure

    but this will just let you knwo that the bargins are otu there.

    ofcourse i would never get used brake pads or similar things, but if you look hard enough, get lucky, and have a car with a big following u cna save similar $$.

    let me point you in the right direction, you should not be on this site asking. unless you ask for a specific car that someone here has and is connected with the "scene" of that car chances are they're like you looking to pay retail. now get on the enthusiast websites of your specific car and look for group buys (allthough they can sometimes take long depending on how and who handles them) make sure to find the details out before sending money make sure that as soon as all orders are placed and u send $$ u get the product shipped within a reasonable time. but the main point is get off and go on an enthusiast site

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