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  1. kite your money around with balance transfers
  2. Divorce is probably a good idea, since she's destroying your credit and everything else. You're in deep for being only 26 man.
  4. Somebody needs to put her some sense in your situation. She needs to understand that she's spending way too much and it needs to stop.

    How about her parents? Can they talk to her?
  6. divorce is a better way to spend a lot more money and #$%# ur credit trying to pay lawyers
  7. have your wife go "missing" while out on a hike. *hint hint*
  8. and beef up her insurance policy
  9. prob should
    - confront her
    - choke her
    - hit her
    - throw her to the ground
    - take her credit cards
    - cut them up and watch them fall onto her sobbing, spirit crushed body
    - pull up a chair with a bud and rule the roost

    just pull some bobby de niro shit from this boy's life man.
  10. I don't see how she can argue when you don't have enough to pay bills. How can she say you're fine when you can't afford it?
    Is she spending your money or her own? Are you stuck paying all of the bills while she spends her money on crap?
  11. because he lives like 944turbo
  12. Loaning to buy the car isn't the problem here. It's his wife buying way too much shit on credit.
  13. prostitute your wife out
  14. I bet we're not getting the full story here.
  15. Wow this sounds like my immediate future after university.
    I'm scared so I'm going to exit this topic.
  16. We have a joint checking account, so both our paychecks go into the same account, so we're both spending each others money
  17. individual accounts is your next move. and steal from her purse too
  18. Rip out her vagina.
  19. you dont need a new car, you need a new wife
  20. Also pics of wife.
  21. Open another account, stop depositing money in the joint account, start depositing YOUR money in the new account. Then get a divorce.
  22. I have a variety of solutions for you on this topic.

    1. take her credit cards and throw them in the freezer. they can't be used when they're frozen and it takes a few hours for them to thaw out so she'll have to think about what she's buying before she goes out and buys it.

    2. give her some (if not all) of the bills to pay out of her own salery (a marriage is a partnership, in the insuing argument make sure to bring this up at least 3 times).

    3. pics of wife

    4. pawn her wedding and/or engagement ring and laugh your ass off while doing it.

    5. romantic trip to a smelting plant. she may accidentily fall into a vat of molten metal.

    6. pre nup? if not haha
  23. slap her with a bag of dicks.
  24. I knew I forgot something. when you inevitably beat her use a bag of oranges and not those shit oranges from some mexican by the highway, those bags break to easily. what you really want is something in a nice sturdy burlap sack.
  25. Trade in wife and get a Z06/GT-R

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