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    Reliability ratings for cars are important stats for customers to have when looking at buying a new or used car, but can vary greatly depending on the source. While Consumer Reports uses customer feedback that can be somewhat subjective but encompassing of the entire car (including elements not necessarily involved with reliability), CarMD can more objectively (in theory) measure a car's reliability with its Vehicle Health Index. The index uses data based on problems associated with check engine codes, as well as the average costs to repair these problems.

    In just the second year of its study, CarMD found that Toyota (including Scion and Lexus) has once again held its ground as the most reliable automaker having the fewest issues that would set a check engine light. Likewise, Hyundai stays at the runner up spot. BMW sits in the third spot after not being named to the list at all last year. Honda and Volkswagen round out the top five. In terms of cost to repair, it isn't that surprising that BMW has the most expensive repair costs at an average of $502.48, but we were definitely surprised to see Toyota listed in the two spot with average repairs of $490.72. American automakers General Motors and Ford dropped out of the top five to the eight and nine spots, respectively.

    Overall, the most reliable car on the list is the 2010 Toyota Corolla just barely ahead of the 2008 Ford Taurus and the 2008 Toyota Yaris. Of the top 100 cars, 16 of them were Toyotas with Ford following close behind with 15 cars on the list. Ford did take the top spot when it in the truck category and Subaru was named the best in the wagon and crossover SUV category. The study even breaks down the top five causes for a check engine light by automaker.

    Top Ranked Manufacturers
    According to the 2012 CarMD Vehicle Health Index, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., is the no. 1-ranked manufacturer in the U.S. for the second consecutive year. Toyota earns the top spot with the lowest Index rating of 0.58, which is an improvement from its 0.67 rating in 2011 (the lower the rating score, the better the overall ranking). Rounding out the top five vehicle manufacturers of 2012 are no. 2 Hyundai Motor America, no. 3 BMW USA, no. 4 Honda Motor Co., Inc. and no. 5 Volkswagen of America, Inc.

    Manufacturer / Overall CarMD 2012 Index Rating / Average Repair Cost (Parts & Labor)

    Toyota / 0.58 / $490.72

    Hyundai / 0.67 / $271.86

    BMW / 0.84 / $502.48

    Honda / 0.98 / $466.77

    Volkswagen / 0.99 / $392.00

    Nissan / 1.00 / $366.53

    Kia / 1.04 / $320.08

    General Motors / 1.12 / $290.50

    Ford / 1.17 / $340.96

    Chrysler / 1.23 / $287.93
  2. fun fact

    toyota average repair cost: 490$
    bmw average repair cost: 502$
  3. Hooray for owning a car by the #4!!!
  4. lol American cars ...

  5. Anything is better than American cars.
  6. To see that Hyundai managed to get an index score identical to what Toyota was at last year is pretty cool. I'm starting to really like their cars.
  7. USA#1 scores are twice as high as Toyota. Take that, jappos!

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