change the F50?

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F50' started by ReeK, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Ah...the Dumbass Lives....and proves his stupidity once again! are just about the funniest damned motherf***er i ever met, kid. "Fudge packing queer boy"...yeah right look whos talking.....the Romanian Circus clown!!!!!....whats the matter? Are you missing your dominatrix Enver Hoxha perhabs?

    "Oh and do put spaces between your words, much easier to read that way,lol." Hahahaha.....please, it amazes me that you can bring your stupidity to levels like this.....May i have any one instance of where i had missed a space in my last posting(evidence, pal)? Compare that to yours.....and you get the picture. It just speaks laurels about your brains capacity(a paradox in itself) that you can't think up your own insults, and have to use other people's ones against them...when they do not even APPLY!

    Frankly, i have grown tired of bantering with a d***less 12-year old like you, and while the experience has been undeniably fun, i have much better things to drive cars that are not Dacias, lol.
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    And since you can't seem to sh*g in peace without knowing why i hate the F50, here's a small excerpt....i could give you a lot more but then your brain(sic) wouldn't be able to handle it, so why bother.
    The opinions expressed are also not my own...i could give mine but that would be a waste so...
    "Ferrari learnt a lesson with the F50- putting a GP engine in a road car lead to a loss in tractablity and poor torque flow..."- Steve Cropley, Editor, Autocar.
    "We realized that excessive NVH had become a major issue with the F50" - (none other than)Luca di Montzemelo, Head of Ferrari
    "there were only 349 F50s but over 1300 F40s"....Micheal Bowler, in The Fastest Cars(and may i remind you there were 399 Enzos despite the fact that they cost almost 1.5 times more)
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    **** you ,you Racist #$%#!I never said I drive Dacias either dickhead!
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    I know all about the F50's flaws you shit,but it doesn't mean it's a bad car,like you would not want to own it or something.I wanted to hear in your opinion why they should change it,not some #$%#ing magazine,I already read those.But whatever #$%# you and stop replying
    back to me you shit.

    And about that spaces between the words,I only said it because you said it to me, even though I do put spaces between my words ,so #$%# you if you don't know what sarcasm is.
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    Think about it, do race cars have radios?
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    i wonder why you lol so much is it true youre actually luaghing out loud? i love it as it is nothing should be perfect because imperfection is natural and perfection would be abnormal and freakish
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    id sell this shit and buy a clk gtr .,..
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    Well with that kind of money you could buy loads of vipers...

    ... or some books to teach you how to type Tiffosi and a brain so you could distinguish a true supercar from a car with a truck engine
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    If you know anything about cars, you would first off know that no cars sucks. No matter what. Secondly, this car is far from being a failure, just because the F50 didnt succseed the F40 doesnt mean its a failure. This car came out with some of the best handling with 1.03g's. Has an awesome top speed of around 202mph. Along to go with fast acceleration both 0-60 and 0-100mph. So before you post something ridiculous like that think, think very long and hard.

    How Do You Make A Signature?
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    Do you want Air conditioning at no extra cost?

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    I don't know, this will always be the best car of its time.
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    You are an idiot.
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    Lol...thats stupid....the real radio on this car is that V12 engine.
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    Alright you just told XR SICK not to post his opinoins yet before he submitted anything, you made this idiotic remark. Now we don't have to be out of grade school to tell what this was but it isn't a fact. You need to be qiuet for the sake of you, and everyone that uses this forum because you really are a moron, my friend.
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    I would like to have a fixed roof, and an even more racy interior.
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    still rollin' in my six-4
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    If I were going to change anything, I would try to find a way to change the rear wing; I never did like the fact that it was incorporated into the streamlined bodywork of the car. Check out the F-50 GT, THAT's more like it IMP! Another thing I never really cared for was the hardtop version of the car; I think the convertible version looks twice as good.
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    The only thing that I might possibly change on this amazing car would be a few engine mods to get more power but other than that nothing,
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    Good point.
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    I would probably paint, or remove the black stripe down the side. Unless it has some reason there. And also maybe the windshield.
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    Yeah, if I had $700000 for this baby I would invest an extra $1000 and get a badass Bose 6-speaker sound system
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    You`re an idiot too! How about you stick some 25" wheels on there, lower it, paint it bright orange and stick a rediculous sticker on the side! Give it a name!

    Do you live in the UK and drive a Vauxhall Nova 1.3SR by any chance?
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    if you would change that then you would screw up all the downforce.
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    power windows would add weight.

    honda dirtbikes dont suck jackass, they are one of the best ones out there.

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