Chevy- an American abomination

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  1. lol....nice
    another mind#$%#d topgear fan
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^ NAILEUGNIJD, you obviously havnt ever watched top gear, they say the newest corvette is good because its the first american car that can go around corners and still have that american beast under the bonnet.
  3. Proves your idiocy...
    If you take top gear seriously you really might need to seek mental help.
    The C5 Z06 outhandles a C6, but you wouldnt know that living in the 1970s...
  4. You said that top gear gave the C6 a bad review retard, im not debating the reliability of top gear im sayin that they gave the C6 a good review, not a bad review like you said.
  5. Other than the fact they had to rig shit to make it look bad, and couldnt drive, it was an ok review.
  6. The C6 is the first vette than can handle like a sports car, not a muscle car. So wherever you got that c5 BS from is beyond me.

    What are you on about, i said i wasnt debating the reliability of the review, i was saying they were for it rather than against it. And it was a good review!!!
  7. And you get this info from where?
    The C5 Z06 has stiffer suspension, is lighter, and doesnt have runflats. It does handle better, and track times show this.
    You might be confusion handling with feel...

    And like I said, the review was ok, would have been better without all the BS they had to talk.
  8. I might be yeah. I get the information just by reading around.
  9. The LS7 is only a few pounds heavier than the F430 engine, but it evens out when you consider the fuel load. The Z06 uses less fuel, which means less weight. The difference is enough to offset the advantage of the slightly lighter Ferrari engine. The LS7 is actually more powerful too, especially if you look at more than just peak power.
  10. Buying a car for its badge is no smarter than buying it for its hp/L.
  11. Equal power at lower RPM is an advantage, especially in racing.
  12. The first vette that can handle like a sports car? Is that why the ZR-1 was able to outrun a Porsche Turbo in a same-day C&D track shootout? Or how about this:

    "Predictably it has masses of road holding, but it also has feel, composure and a modicum of mid-corner adjustability, something lesser Vettes lack. Dr Barker, having just administered a large dose of humiliation to the rest of our convoy, makes his diagnosis of the ZO6's dynamics.
    'Grip levels are very strong, so you can learn to trust it and lean on it. Its brakes are superb, too, the best here with a wonderfully feelsome pedal that gives bite right from the top of its travel and doesn't induce chassis squirm, even on very bumpy corner entries. I'd say this points to a well-sorted detail suspension set-up and a much stiffer structure than other Vettes.
    the Vette then likes nothing better than to hook itself onto the 911's tail and torment it as 3.6-litres of unsuspecting German flat-six attempts to run away and hide from 5.7-litres of roaring Yank V8. With Barker at the Z06's wheel it soon got a taste for M Coupe, too, as a somewhat surprised Roger Green discovered.
    'I was amazed to see the large yellow nose fill the rear-view mirror of the M Coupe,' said Rog. 'Through a long fast right-hander I expected to see it fall back, but not only did it stay put, it went past down the following straight!'"
    ---evo group test of C5 06, NSX, C4S, Tucan S

    Apparently, you don't do enough reading.
  13. That doesnt suprise me.
  14. You're learning.
  15. i have all the episodes on my laptop dumbass
    even the ones from the early 90's
    and i am a fan of the show....but i dnt appreciate ppl using their quotes....vietnamese suspension....leaf springs rnt wat ppl think
    top gear= entertainment(in other words a joke)....that is all
  16. How can you have ALL the episodes on your laptop?? They only have a selected amount on their website/googlevideo/yahoovideo..?
  17. if u look hard enough u will find em...something called torrents
    and they are full episodes not those bullshit google vids
  18. oh're sig is just awesome.
    I'll try to find some of your brilliant wait...
    you deleted every single post of your previous pseudo!
    that was a lot of work I presume.just another proof of your incredible,unbelievable stupidity.

    You are by far the most stupid person on this planet.But that's OK.It happens.But,you're also a must suck to be you.

  19. haha sure....i was banned
    rnt u the dumbass that said nismo and amg werent tuners?
    go watch ghost in the shell
    i can start that argument all over again just gimme the green light
  20. haha sure....i was banned
    spare me, u must feel real tough calling someone a coward on the internet.
    rnt u the dumbass that said nismo and amg werent tuners?
    go watch ghost in the shell
    i can start that argument all over again just gimme the green light
  21. this thread sucks
  22. its full of chevy fanboys
  23. I counted 4 Chevy fanboys (lucasruwe, Z51R, DragStrip, & Darkones), and 6 Corvette haters (Password Please, elay612, fully hectic, the stig, wuggish, & glasshouse). Some people assume that all American cars suck. If they really believe that, then they also assume that someone has to be a fanboy if they say something good about an American car.
  24. dude, joke, calm down

    i think the corvette is a nice car
  25. dude, joke, calm down

    i think the corvette is a nice car

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