Cobb Nissan GTR vs Techart 911 Turbo

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    Yeah they're modded... blah blah. In the end, they raced what they brought.
  2. WOWOWOWOWOWOW at the pricetags.. 99.000 dollar for the tuned GTR and 260.000 for the porsche1?!?!?!
  3. The Nissan is tuned, the Techart is built from the ground up by Techart themselves. Corect m if i'm wrong.
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  5. Axle is crying hard.
  6. wow someone needs to learn how to drive that Porsche
  7. 99K for tuned GT-R lol! Thats what the stock ones are going for. That review is either biased or those guys just suck nuts.
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    I've always loved that thing, it looks so damn good
  9. It's MSRP price + mods. Not MSRP+ dealer markup + mods. Idiot
  10. Oh my god that mans voice is hurrendous.
  11. so the 600 hp, 3600 lbs tuned GTR was only about 1 second quicker than the 480 hp 3800 lbs "stock" GTR Road and Track received to test? hmmmm...
  12. Did everyone miss the part where he said the 911's tires were dead? Holy shit people.
  13. The Porsche transmission probably doesn't implode after a couple hard launches.
  15. Someone else just tested a stock GTR on button willow vs that same Porsche. WHat were the Porches times there? With good tires?
  16. who's someone?
  17. Either Car and Driver or Road and Track I'm pretty sure
  18. Road and Track did a test of the LP560, ACR, GTR, GT2 etc, and they were all in the 1:31ish area with the ACR being in the 1:30ish one. but I dont think thats the tests you're speaking of.
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    Mabe this one?

    If you scroll to the bottom you can get the results in PDF along with the Willow Springs track layout which seems to be the same.

    ACR - 1.30.10 @ avg of 97.0mph
    GTR - 1.31.23 @ " " 95.8mph
    GT2 - 1.33.57 @ " " 93.8mph

    The Cobb GTR lapped 1.30.04 @ average of 99.96mph. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/tongue.gif"></A>

    However, I too am suprised the tuned GTR wasnt that much faster than stock considering the extra 180hp, better suspension and tyres.
  20. that was the one im talking about but I dont think its the one he was talking about. not the same porsche 'with better tires'.
  21. srsly wtf. everyone's an idiot except you and I
  22. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A>
  23. Oh right. Gotcha, the search goes on.
  24. ok so I found the article PbN was talking about. saw it on the shelf.Road and Track. it was the same 997 with good tires but not a stock GTR, a Mine's GTR. the 997's time was 1:29xx (dont remember exactly) and the GTR's was 1:25xx (again, dont remember exactly). was in line for cashier and had stuff to do so I couldnt stand around and read it, though I am curious on why the two GTR's were so different. the 997's tires must have been REALLY worn out. 8 seconds!
  25. Not Buttonwillow nor Willow Springs, but this was recorded by R&T at the tighter Streets of Willow track in their "Bling Quartet" article.

    TechArt GTstreet - 1:29.06
    Mines GT-R - 1:25.79

    Not sure how Cobb compares to Mines. Mines has been around for 14 years longer and has tuned many generations of the Skyline. That Mines-modified GTR was also about $40K more than the Cobb car.
    Stupid move on CEC to not change out the tires on the TechArt.

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