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    So like,

    everyone knows that some cars and their values are just skyrocketing right now,

    911 RS
    GT3 RS 4.0
    McLaren F1


    etc. etc.

    Are there any cars that WERE collectable at some point, or had really inflated values that now depreciate?

    Like, I want to analyze the actual investment potential. Is there a chance of a loss, if you bought a collectable car, reasonable to it's market value?
  2. The car collector market is weird. Prices are driven by demand, and demand moves on whims it seems. A car that was sought after for decades can see demand go flat seemingly for no reason, and then the ask price follows suit. The question becomes how long you hold onto such a car hoping that its demand comes back, if it ever does. I don't have specific examples, but I don't think anyone can really predict these things.
  3. Haven't classic muscle cars fluctuated wildly? I remember some going for absurd prices at Barrett-Jackson before the real estate bubble popped.
  4. I think malaise-era Ford trucks are gonna be white-hot. Oh wait, that's just a hope.
  5. Do they have much magnesium in them?
  6. I'm trying to convince myself a BMW 130i would be a good idea.

    great engine
  7. a dodge coronet with a cupholder??! a MILLION DOLLARS!
  8. so those 1/3 Hemi Chargercudas with the one off color and the one off cup holder that went for 5 million at BJs, is that worth less now??

    Like, are there any real world examples of a car trading for totally less than what was previously paid?
  9. 135 or bust
  10. too rich for my blood. A 130 with under 60k miles is less than £7k here.

    The same engine in a Z4 (3.0si as far as i can tell) is well over £10k.
  11. I'm glad I bought my S54 M coupe when I did as the prices have been on the rise ever since.
  12. too bad nobody buys those things when they are missing the rear wiper
  13. Probably going to buy myself a lightly used ~2012/13 118i when I get back from Canada.
    That engine/gearbox combo is pretty nice from the short time I've had behind the wheel.
  14. Chances are those guys who wasted millions on those things are just holding on to them for as long as possible/until they die.

    The latter being the most likely.

    Their kids will inherit these cars that "dad wasted 3 million dollars on"
  15. certain stuff has gone down (mostly pre war stuff and now some 50's stuff)

    all depends on what generation has money. stuff from the 70's is starting to go up. I have a theory that the cars currently worth stupid money are the cars the generation that has said money wanted in high school (hence the pre war stuff going down and muscle cars going up)
  16. yeah pretty much. Time to buy 80's/90's sports cars that are currently worthless.
  17. this is true. remember when Porsche 912/914s were worthless? not so much anymore.

    also some of the 80s stuff has gone up. been looking for a mid 80s Monte Carlo SS and damned if I can't find one for less then 6 grand.
  18. I want to get a BMW 8 series as a second car, like weekend cruiser or something.
  19. Are E30 M3s really going for 70k? 10 years ago they were giving those "ugly 80s shit boxes" away for 5 grand!
  20. e30 coupes, particularly the m3's, the e82 1m because it was a limited run of 6309 global production, in contrast there was 40 odd thousand e9x m3's. porsche 968's because theyre so damn rare, i might have seen 5 or 6 in my lifetime, corrado but stay away from the g60, that engine and s/c are garbage, only vr6, acura integra r, maybe mr2, i was gonna say datsun 240z but seems like theyve already jumped up ridiculously but you never know, might find a bargain.
  21. It depends of which brands we are talking about if we talk about Duesenberg, Cord, Packard, Hispano Suiza, Maybach, Voisin, Delage, Bugatti, Isotta Fraschini, Delahaye, Talbot Lago, Stutz, then we might reach some high peaks when it comes to rare and minty cars.

    The Chrylser 3OO letter cars and then 55-56-57 chevys especially the bel airs when fitted with the fuel injected 283 are very desirable, same with the edsel and lincon from the years 57-59 or the rare cadillac eldorado biarritz sedan from 1958 with the tri power option. The 409 era chevys are a very specific muscle car niche kinda like the 426 Max Wedge powered mopars and the 427 SOHC and 427 side oiler powered ford muscle cars

    On the muscle car trends, highly documented and matching numbers muscle cars like the Dodge Charger Daytona, Dodge Charger Hemi R/T, Plymouth Roadrunner, Plymouth Superbird, Dodge Coronet Superbee, Dodge Coronet R/T, Dodge Challenger R/T, Plymouth Cuda, chevelle SS 454, Ram Air IV/the Judge GTOs, Hurst Olds 442s, Buick GS Stage1/GSX, Mustang Boss, Mustang Mach 1 428SCJ, Mercuty CougarXR7 Eliminator and Ford Torino values have skyrocketted when fitted with the rarest and most desirable options.

  22. Maybe ten years ago it was the case, now good luck finding a minty one under 15k$ Same phenomenon with the buick GN/X (I often see people removing the V6turbo engine and installing 455ci engines instead of them) and the 80's Hurst Olds
  23. I'm not looking for anything in perfect shape. in a perfect world I want to find one thats body and paint perfect but mechanically shit.

    I do know where theres a regal t type hiding but I'm not sure I want to find out how much the guy wants for it
  24. whats the best i can get a 5000 4valve Countach for? Clean?

    Is it still around 150-200k?
  25. for a perfectly good running car you're looking at a minimum of 250k these days.

    EDIT: seems I'm very very wrong. cheapest I can find is 350k

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