continental gt zagato

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  1. WOW

    EDIT: not in a good or bad way neccessarily, but moreso good...
  2. really really ugly
  3. At the 78th Geneva International Motor show 2008, Zagato Atelier takes great pleasure in introducing the Bentley GTZ, the latest in a long line of collaborations with the very best British car manufacturers over the Milanese Atelier’s 89 years history.

    Following on from the recent presentations of the Ferrari 575GTZ in 2006 and the Maserati GS Zagato at the Villa D’Este in 2007, the Bentley GTZ is a neo-classic Zagato interpretation of the style of a British GT.

    Starting from the styling cues of the last neo classical coupes, which became milestones of Zagato design in the new millennium, the challenge was to apply the same design language to a completely different proportion of vehicle: the Bentley Continental GT Speed.

    Even with many technical restrictions and carry-over parts in order to maintain the basic functions of this extremely sophisticated vehicle, the Zagato design team managed to give a distinctive and attractive character to the Zagato coupe.

    Pronounced fender lines, double-bubble roof, round tail with all new rear combination lamp are harmoniously integrated in to an imposing body adding a more aggressive and sharp feeling without losing the absolute solidity which is part of the great charm of the original coupe. The same time the hand painted pin-stripe coordinated with the interior colour adds a refined and exclusive elegance to the extrovert body lines helps to make the look of this car appropriate to be special limited-production model born between two great automotive cultures: Bentley and Zagato. (
  4. The front looks a bit strange; the back and side profile seems to be good..
  5. same thoughts here. its a shame it doesnt look better from the front coz then i think id really like it
  6. Most of the new zagato's really suck.

    Stock please
  7. The front is shit, but the rest of te car is great. Zagato is not quite what it used to be in my opinion. Very unfortunately.
  8. Best Zagato in a long time, I'm a fan.
  9. The drawing's alright..
  10. the rear is a rip off of the 575Z . Id be pissed .
  11. I'd rather take this... nice, clean and simple.
  12. yuck no
  13. I dont like its massive overbite.
  14. eeehhh....
  15. LOL NOOO
  16. It looks like there's supposed to be some body work under that huge overhanging grill to balance it out, but they forgot to put it on.
  17. i love it!btw im new here i just joined 2day
  18. oh shiit
  19. fake account

    we hate you already
  20. They're very few modern Zagatos I like.
  21. Hottest Bentley I've ever seen.
  22. You have to wonder why the average member does his best to scare girls away.

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