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  1. stop thinking, it won't help you
  2. I never said the NSX was a shitty car, I said it was not worth 90 grand. The 360 has moved to the side for 430, the 911 has been redesigned, and I'm sorry I will pay 100 grand for a Porsche or Ferrari looooong before I pay 90 grand for a Honda.
  3. Yes 40k for a GM that waxes the 90k Honda.
  4. Screw the Corvette? Is that all you got? Hahaha. Seriously come on man, the NSX will never touch the performance of a REAL sports car like the Corvette, let alone a super car.
  5. 13.4 is low 13s, and what about the specs? Here's what I see, It's the slowest to 60, tied for slowest through the 1/4, tied for lowest skidpad, it was the slowest through the sloalom, gets the worst mpg despite having the smallest motor, and costs 41 grand more than the Z06 and over 12 grand more than the Carrera.
  6. I'll put your face under the 12" wide wheel of my ZR-1 and drift for a half an hour. The Corvette has more class than just about anything out there. The fact is it can keep up with the best europe has to offer for way less than half the price. It's about giving europe the finger and showing them what nice taillights it has.
  7. I have never seen this pic you speak of, so if I make a thread about your Diablo will you post a pic of?
  8. They also increased the price too...

    No one cares about the Corvette except the American...
    It's cruel isn't it!?!?
  9. Yep... a 40G KIT car waxes the 90g handbuilt Honda and 140g Ferrari...
    nice try

    I will be ashamed if I am driving a Corvette.
  11. Why is a fiberglass body and leaf springs bad?
  12. But it's STILL FASTER than the V8 Mustang you said.
  13. You know whats funny, the American doesn't care about the NSX. The world doesn't have to care, they just need to know that we paid 1/2 as much (or less) for our Vette as they paid for their car and we will beat them on the street, strip, or the track.
  15. It's still more than 3 times the price also.
  16. Yet you like the Skyline.... a car that looks like every other car in Japan with an interior no better than Sentra.

    Hell you like the EVO, one of the least reliable vehicles sold by Japan this past year.

    Face the facts, the NSX is ridiculously outdated, ridiculously over hyped, and well past its prime.

    You’re just a dumbass JDM fanboy and nobody gives a shit about what you say, think or do.
  17. Yea... Ever one cares about NSX except American...
    One country VS the whole world.

    I bet you voted for Bush right!?
  18. They are transverse leaf springs, and you will be even more ashamed when your in your 90k NSX and all you see of a Corvette are those wonderful 4 round taillights.
  19. You mean the leaf springs that thrashed the NSX through the slalom and around a race track?

    The NSX is in the class of over priced, underperforming cars that nobody but idiotic JDM fanboys like you care about.

    Clearly the WORLD doesn't care about the NSX since it's sales are utter garbage. Much like the interior of a Skyline.
  20. If they care so much then why don't they buy them?
  21. You sound like some one who is losing an uphill battle.
  22. Oh some moron just said:
    new 25 grand Mustang GT would give it a hell of a run
  23. This is the battle of morons GT-R BNR-33 has been disproved on his automotive knowledge and proved to be a completely biased idiot in every automotive thread every posted in these forums. And BowtieIZBetter is just all around stupid.
  24. It WILL give it a hell of a run in a staight line.
  25. That leaf springs trashed the 911 and 360 too.
    So what's your point?
    You mean the car journalists from Top Gear, CAR and EVO are JDM fan boys too??
    They like the NSX very much too.

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