Custom 360 faceplates.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Mustang Cobra R, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Opions and suggestions encouraged.

    Here are 2 of my 360 faceplate designs. If anyone wants the template and wants to make their own, PM me. I plan on printing them on sticker paper and putting them on a "backup" faceplate.
  2. first one
  4. waste of money maybe?
  5. Arn't you like Rustangs or someone?
  6. he said he's making it himself with a spare one he has
  7. oh didn't read that part.
  8. Yeah, I was bored and flexing my art skills. No I'm just MCR, not Rustangs.
  9. You probably shouldn't quit your day job. Unless it's graphic designing.
  10. eh those are pretty cool but I think they'd just make the 360 look tacky
  11. I like the maiden one!
  12. They both look pretty stupid.
  13. IM a fan of the Maiden one, problem is I'm not a tremendous fan of Maiden. I'm more of a death/thrash metal kinda guy. Like I said though, I did these out of boredom. Didn't go in thinking to make a masterpiece of anykind.
  14. I was about to say. Can you make me one with Tankard? I can supply the picture if you want.
  15. not if you're an intense 360 gamer
  16. Sure. What the hell is tankard?
  17. customizing your video game console?
  18. #$%#ing random
  19. My Amiga 500+ has stickers all over it. Not very neat though because i was eight at the time.
  20. Here's one more which is a lot better I think. If anyone understands it at least.

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