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  1. i was with a girl recently, and she let out two silent farts in her sleep. it smelled so awful.
  2. stop banging black chicks you #%$got
  3. She looks 15 but has a ring on.

    Edit: To expand, I feel less guilty thinking she is cute.
  4. I saw it earlier. Haha, i like this girl. Her panties must be filled with stool.
  5. my girlfriend always farts in her sleep. girls do that.
  6. You mean girls shit and fart?!?
  7. Mine doesn't. I seal her anus with a butt plug and super glue when she's with me.
  8. i turned my four girlfriends into a human centipede so collectively they only fart a quarter as much as a normal girl
  9. couple of months ago I had a little hemorrhoid issue causing my ass to make a soft whistling sound when going to take a shit for a couple of days. a bit like a kid almost figuring out the trick how to whistle and almost getting it right, basically.
  10. For me, the innocence of girl noises was forever destroyed one night several years ago. I had just finished off #$%#ing this new age gothy/emo chick (5.5/10 at best). I was upright on my knees on the bed, catching my breath; she was still there bent over in doggy style position. She looked me straight in the eye and lets out the biggest queef known to man. It was extremely loud, visceral, and went for at least 10 seconds. There is no explanation other than that she must have been storing it up for the previous 15 minutes. Overcome with shock and confusion, my post-coital semi collapsed like a neutron star into black hole phase. It was at that moment I had a revelation that it was time to learn better game and the skills necessary to attract better women. That may have happened, but the haunting memory still remains.
  11. I've been with my wife for almost 10 years and she has never farted in front of me. She is quite proud that I have never heard.

    It's not true though , I have heard her fart in her sleep but keep letting her believe cause I'm afraid if she knows that I know it will establish precedent and she will fart more openly.
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  13. It's quite watery
  14. never let a girl set the fart precedent. big mistake
  15. Queefs are aight during/after sex I think. Just means you were taking some long, deep thrusts.

    When a girl can queef at will though, that's a different story. I know this chick, kinda attractive, 7/10, she can queef on command. Sucks air up through her vag, pushes it out and makes queef sound.

    Turns me right the **** off.
  16. Imagine if guys could suck air up through their dick, and then fart out of it.

  17. hahaha, I totally imagined the nutsack expanding like a balloon while vacuuming too
  18. upon releasing the captured air, I can only assume that the sound generated would be similar to that of an un-tied balloon being released


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  19. well, it certainly would make it audible who still has his trunk and who doesn't
  20. i just imagine happy elephants
  21. what would that smell like
  22. Perhaps someone who has used a penis pump can elaborate?

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