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  1. experience? I have some amazon gift cards laying around..

  2. I have a hardwired Mini 0805. I can put a video up on youtube if you're interested in seeing the quality.
  3. workmate has a cdv300x and the results are pretty nice
    im tempted to get one
  4. My old man got me one for Christmas. I didn't put it in. I crashed my car twice in the last year, after receiving it as a gift and not putting it in. I don't think it would have made a difference to my insurance claims anyway.
  5. Almost every day I see a reason to have one, be it something that's happened on my commute or stuff I see on camear at work.
  6. Here you can't publish the footage without permisson, that's all I know. That's why there are no funny Russian style dashcam videos from here on Youtube I reckon.
  7. there's a good yt channel called "accidents and crashes on the road" or something like that which seems to post mostly russian dash cam videos, but you do get asian ones occasionally. there are tons of them,
  8. i kind of want one. but then i need a lada as well.
  9. I subscribe to 2 or 3 of those channels and it's just amazing how vacuous the people are. Makes it seem like a land full of suicidal/homicidal brain dead morans. One of the channels will show some of the more graphic ones like pedestrians crossing or bicyclists getting creamed.

    Also I noticed that nearly all of the Russians say something that sounds like "whyyy you blahhhh" when they witness a bad wreck. Wonder what it means. Either that or Opa! Haha

    Anyways, endless entertainment
  10. you see tons of the same accident. lots of undertaking through intersections and getting t-boned by cars turning infront of gormless people.

    w00t's point about needing a Lada is a good one. I usually try to guess who will crash, and if a Lada is in the frame I'll just watch it until it hits something.

  11. They say блядь.

    It means whore but it's used like "****" in English.

    And yes, Russian dashcam videos are the best.
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    Here's a typical shiguli driver:

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    Also wtf is this? Chechens?

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    haha yup

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