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  1. I have complained a lot about the new Ferrari headlights. But I have to admit, this one looks really good. Nice new edge design. Exspecially the rear window is well done. Only the pentagram rims are a bit out of place (my opinion, I suppose many of you like them).

    But, like every other successor, it is not as beautifully designed and good looking as the 456.
  2. this is probably gonna cause some controversy, but the f600 reminds me too much of a c6 corvette.

    look at the top edge of the front fenders or the profile of the bonnet, roof and trunk or the intakes in front and the vents aft of the front wheels.

    and what happened to ferrari's traditional twin round tail lights?
    those wheels are throwbacks of the f50's wheels. ferrari needs to put some 21st century wheels on there, not some decade old design.

    give me a 575 superamerica anyday.
  3. You're probably right about the controversy, but I agree with you. It might just be the angle on that middle picture, but its dead on. Not so much in the other shots.
  4. its not a bad lookin car; although i kinda miss the traditional tail lights
  5. This thing actually looks a lot better than I was expecting. It's far better looking than both the F430 and the 612.
  6. It looks like an Aston Martin to me.
  7. I dig the front, but the rear is to boring.
  8. Give me the dual taillights on each side and you have perfection.
  9. I like the overall shape of the car. It's really smooth and flowing. But I don't like the details in its looks. The vents and ridges in the sides and hood look out of place. The pentagon wheels look rather 1980s to me. I will probably like the look of the car after a few months, but my first impression isn't as positive as it should be for a new Ferrari.
  10. i like the rims, i get dissapointed whenever i see a ferrari with other rims, i dont like the trunk and backlights tho
  11. Real classy design two thumbs up...i think theres a little bit of Panoz in the genepool at Ferrari
  12. I thought the C6 vette looked like a Ferrari, so I can see how you get that.

    I like everything but the headlights. Didn't like them on the 612 or this. I prefer the more traditional wider headlights.

    Rest of the car looks good though. If I ever had the cash for a Ferrai I would get a touring car like this or the Maranello. Front engine V-12, RWD. The classic Ferrari setup.
  13. I'm really not a fan of Ferrari's new styling scemes. The Enzo was borderline. I despised the 612 and that GG50, and this one doesn't look much better. I mean I'd call it the lesser of two, or three for that matter, evils. These styling cues would fit much better with an Alfa Romeo or something. All it's missing is the triangular grille.

    Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder though...
  14. i really like this car except the rear. and im pretty sure it will have lots of road presence.
  15. I gave a good look at it and the rear reminds me of a hyundai S coupe. I like the design, but i've seen better. It's not so special in my opinion.
  16. looks much nicer than the 612s, but i am not feeling those buttresses at the rear, and it should have four taillight clusters, not two.
  17. That back end is fugly
  18. Looks better than the 575m, the concept model of this car reminds a Corvette
  19. Did you know that Jeremy from Top Gear is almost or already 70 years old?
  20. Those pics are potatochopped:

    Side intake by the rear wheel: in one pic it�s a piece and in the 3/4 view it�s just a cutout.

    The one that made the pics has several more perspective errors going on: Compare the sidewindows of the side and 3/4 views, it�s not the same shape and there are some lines there that shouldn�t be... obvious error. Then the whole shape of the rear in those two pics: in the side/up it looks rounded off towards the rear while in the 3/4 shot it�s angle is almost straight.

    The "cut" from the front lights and front wheel house that marks the seperation between the bonnet and front part is poorly done and it also ends abruptly in one pic. Photoshop.

    The bonnet in the rear view: quite suiggley... too squiggley. It also has a very, very odd shadow.

    Front lights are obviously grafted on. Difference in lighting and sharpness gives it away.

    And worst of all, THE give away: lighting errors. Just because the light remains in the same place the shape of the glossiness and reflection changes if the perspective changes. Well, in the real world atlest and not in the photoshop dimension. Try it out yourself: put something shiny on your desk and move around it. You will see how the glossiness changes shape with your perspective even though it�s in the same place with the same light.

    Thank God: this is NOT how the Ferrari 600 Imola (or 599 gtb whatever) will look like!!! =)
  21. Oh and the shadows on the ground: those are some very odd looking shadows not to mention they hint that the light is coming from above when the glossiness tells a different story. Like I said, I don�t buy that this is how the real car will look like.
  22. I agree on your first point. The spy pics that were floating around the internet several months ago didn't show too much promise, but this is better. As for the F430, I must disagree with you. The F430 is a great looking car, blending old with new. But I do agree about the doesn't look good.
  23. Also, in the first two pictures (mostly first) check out how sharp the side of the car is with the light reflecting off of it, then take a gander over at the hood... it looks very blurry, and choppy. Not good.
  24. That first picture, to me, makes it look like a mix between a 350Z and the 06' Corvette.
  25. this car looks like crap, and if Ferrari builds it, they deserve a flop.


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