despite the solstice front end, not bad

Discussion in '2007 Fisker Karma Prototype' started by drew00629, Nov 7, 2007.

  1. theres no question that they stole the front end from a solstice, but the over all flow of the car isnt bad.
  2. it's closer to ferrari 612 scaglietti on the front end but it is one nice looking hybrid
  3. That's one hybrid car I would not be embarrassed to drive. (Refering to the looks of previous hybrid cars).
  4. Dude it's like your saying Pontiac stole the Ferrari 612 front end for the solstice...
    That car is so god damn sick!
  5. looke leik a ferari s2000 2 me
  6. i like it.
    the first real competition to the Quatroporte.

    me like.
  7. Easily the most promising eco friendly car. And it also challeneges cars like Panamera and Aston Rapide.

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