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  1. I noticed it too actually. When he pulls over and opens the hood, the pins are still there. I guess they're fake or something.
  2. Well his body guy was Mexican.
  3. You just know Doakes is going to pop up in Dex's head next season as he tries to shed Harry/his dark passenger.
  4. I just watched it. Fuuuuuck that shit was intense. My heart was racing cause it felt like something bad was coming right at the end but shit I didn't expect THAT!
  5. that's a great dexter, luv the little bugger
  6. I was real bummed out during the final minute of it. I expected that to happen, but then I was like "Hey, Dex got him, we're all good." But then I was like "Whaaa?"
  7. left me wondering how they're gonna start the next season (since it's obviously going to be entirely based on this one ended), and whether they're really going to get him back more to what he was in the first season(s), or if it'll just go off into battling his 'dark passenger'.
  8. Just finished the season. This one did kind of go back to the first season a little bit with him being less human and more pretending emotions. I felt like for seasons 2 and 3 he magically had feelings all of a sudden.
  9. No way, he had more feelings this season than any.
  10. What about him fighting that cop?
  11. For sure.
  12. Well, I guess it was more of a struggle this season. Like his "dark passenger" vs. human emotions.

    Also, it was kind of funny/weird, there was that episode called "mid-tide" or something like that, where basically not much happens to progress the main story line and they just tread water for an episode. Introduce a new bad guy and dexter kills him so that we don't lose interest along the way, and it eats up time. It was just funny that they kind of leveled with the viewer and were like "well, don't expect much to happen in this episode"
  13. Slack
  14. I was hoping they'd do more with the wrong guy angle.
  15. yeah they really swept that under the rug pretty quickly. like he temporarily downplayed 'the code'. id have expected more of an internal conflict over the moral consequences of that, regardless of how no one would ever likely find out what really happened (just like almost all his other murders).
  16. There was nothing wrong with him framing another murderer.

    What's interesting though, is that Dexter over the years has gone from catching people who evaded justice, to actively helping the worst criminals escape so he can get them himself.

    He's like a junkie that's not getting as high on the usual dose, so he keeps going for bigger and bigger hits.
  17. i was talking about the fact that he fked up and killed an innocent man. that was the whole point of the code, to prevent something like that from happening while still providing him some sort of framework to morally 'justify' feeding his need.
  18. I think they made Dexter a much less sympathetic character in Season 4. First he kills an innocent dude. Based on the code, Dexter now deserves to die. I remember thinking "how do we know that isn't the killer?" when they showed the assistant leaving the studio. That that thought wouldn't occur to Dexter makes him a weaker character to me.

    Then, his wife dies (and an innocent boy almost does) solely because Dexter doesn't kill Trinity right off the bat but decides to be best buddies with him for a while. Way to play that one, Dex.

    I'm really interested to see how they play him in Season 5. As far as I'm concerned, he's pretty much a douchebag now.
  19. we are going to finish watching season 2 tonight, season 3 is going to start coming tomorrow through netflix... i wonder how long it will take to get season 4 on bluray...?
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  22. how do they know
  23. Change your ports!
  24. I believe Comcast uses some form of packet inspection. Doesn't matter what port you use, they don't really give a shit what port it's on.

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