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  1. Just saw the first episode. I think I'm ready to order the Blu-rays for seasons 1-4.
  2. I #$%#ing love this show. My favorite.
  3. The third season is awful.
  5. Dexter is one of the best shows on TV right now! I've been getting caught up over the past few weeks and now that I am, I'm so disappointed to only get to see 1 episode a week!
  6. I never watched it. I watched a few episodes then sort of lost interest. Though, I heard it got much better as the season progressed.

    SPOILER ALERT: I was kinda pissed when Doakes went. He was possibly my favorite character.
  7. i need to start downloading season 4 episodes.
  8. trinity is intenseee. best show
  9. waht
  10. Its pretty good. There was a lull for a while, but I think its picking back up now.
  11. season 4 is great.

    I sometimes ride my bike near the place which was dexters apartment
  12. Their house is right on 1st street in LB.
  13. One of the few good shows on TV.
  14. I havent watched any season 4 episodes yet ... I need to start downloading them...
  15. The first season is by far the best. But I found the 2nd season to be meh, and the 3rd season again came back and was good. The first season was about how he dealt with reconciling his inwardly and outwardly personalities. The 2nd and 3rd seasons are about him branching out and changing how he sees himself and relates to others, and I think it took some calibration in the 2nd season and some better characters to get quite right by the 3rd season.

    Also, I can't watch the new season because I don't get showtime now, so I'm gonna have to wait for the DVDs.
  16. omelette du fromage!
  17. Yeah 1st season was really good, 2nd and 3rd were meh. 4 has been pretty good so far. I hope he kills Rita next.
  18. he looks quite nice for a crazy psycho
  19. Great season so far. Where the hell is Masuka?
  20. oh crap i tohugfht current season was only 3rd
  21. I'm most of the way through season 1, I can't stop watching. So good.
  22. i have a few eps of season 4 but haven't watched them yet. i enjoyed the last season but haven't been itching to get back into it. probably because i'm watching mad med season 3 which is giving me eleventy billion boners right about now.
  23. a friend told me I look like that fellow
  24. lol random comment is random, do you think you look like michael c. hall?
  25. I've really lost a lot of respect for you, Alan. You're no longer my best man.

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