Do you believe in stereotyping?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by SLP CamaroSS, Oct 14, 2004.

  1. yeh, you sure dont help dissuade the kraut nazi stereotype...
  2. Everyone stereotypes people, everyone.
  3. He probably only has one ball.
  4. im polish and im no none dum
  5. Truth.
  6. answer your PMs, hippy!
  7. I believe its a myth.
  8. omg you so stupid
  9. damn Brian, i wish i was as clever as you.
  10. sut up b4 i brek ur bonez
  11. civic needs a spelling lesson. typical n00b. Oh damn, my bad, I just stereotyped him just like every other immature n00b.
  12. haha, they'd better not ban you. you're funny as hell!
  13. A stereotype is an exagerated version of the truth about half the time, and the other half its pure bull
  14. the other is in the Albert Hall
  15. for some but not all. Alot of those become stereotypes because they happen alot. Not all but some.
  16. americans are all fat, loud, arrogant people
  17. English people are all dirty, ugly, have bad teeth, and are wimps.
  18. English people are all dirty, ugly, have bad teeth, and are wimps.
  19. So please, tell me some good stereotypes...
  20. Everyone using the name MooSquad is awesome.
  21. not alot are good. BUt there are a few like black guys a big co*ks. All asains are smart and good at math. I didnt say I believe in all good ones.
  22. MooSquad
  23. i have good teeth, thankyou very much!
  24. lol...

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