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  1. Alphas don't talk about being alpha with non-alphas, breh. That kind of talk is only for other alphas while a game of foozball is on the TV, with everyone drinking bud light and broing out by grabbing eachother's junk in a no-homo way. Breh.
  2. So you are saying you are a beta.
  3. No you
  4. Yeah the leather-wrapped air vents are hard to come by
  5. I'll be impressed when they offer clear coats made from the tears of plebs.
  6. Did you get it already? Post pics/vids/updates/reviews. Also keep us informed regarding its reliability.
  8. did ajzahn get his photoshopped supercar yet
  9. someone might think you're joking about the leather air vent slats.

    it certainly must seem like a joke. I thought you were joking. So i looked.

    it is not a joke. Porsche is even worse on options than i thought.
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  10. spent all afternoon getting shipping quotes. I just can't step away from work. Count on pics late this week.
  11. Agreed on the evora and cayman part. They added power but also strayed away from the original exige and elise philosophy.

    I'm happy for you man. Enjoy it in good health.
  12. Lol, and the painted air vents and headlight washer caps.
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  13. He sued them and settled or something. Never got the car iirc.
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  14. AJ was *so* angry
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  15. I get a lot of attention in this thing! I stop for petrol and people migrate in my direction. Kids especially love it.

    and it is so fast. I took it for a long drive. Very uncomfortable, despite being "soften" for street use. I do fit in it, but i look a complete fool getting in and out. I literally have to grab my legs and squish them in past the doors and into the tub. The sit in isn't that bad/deep though, maybe 10 inches from the edge of the door to the edge of the seat.

    it's definitely got some classic supercar character foibles. The heater knob is misalign, not that it ever actually produces heat, the fuel gauge reads a full quarter tank high or low from where it actually is, the HID lights work when they want to, and the oil pressure gauge works not at all, but it lights up happily.

    still not sure if i want to press my body weight on the body panels to assist getting out or if i would rather do a shameful hands and knees crawl

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  16. I still don't believe it's yours.
  17. the images say WP, which means they were taken with a Windows phone.

    now honestly, who do you think is so freaking contrarian and annoying that they couldn't just settle for an android or iPhone
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  18. Fuckin sold.

    Did you get it back yet? Were the cops helpful? Is it gonna be on the news tomorrow?
  19. Shouldn't you get them to fix the electronics for you?
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  20. Also now we need videos with sound.
  21. I'm not sure how fixed some of this stuff gets. I believe the HIDs come from not having a very substantial voltage, but it could be a weak alternator. At 3000 miles, it seems likely to me that the gadgetry would be overwhelming otherwise perfectly operational parts, an oversight by an engineer. The oil pressure gauge I may very well ask for fixing if it isn't just a bad fuse.

    I'll look into this stuff later, as well as bring you audio when it comes out of storage and revealed for the misses. Her birthday is the 18th.
  22. You bought yourself an expensive present for her birthday?
    Sounds like you're going to be spending more time on in the coming weeks.
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  23. No shit.

    Surprise babe! I bought me a car! Happy birthday!
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  24. Her midlife, your crisis.
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  25. the hate is so real, why do you guys insist it's not hers unless i don't pick it, I never drive it, and it sucks? Do you guys date/marry such stingy self centered women that you can't even give her a car without them b!tching? Probably.
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