doesn't deserve a v8

Discussion in '2000 Saleen S7' started by XR SICK, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. its a shame that this car is the victim of the american muscle tradition by being a 7L V8. it truly deserves a 7L V12 and i hope in the near future they would start producing units with v12 engines, so fingers crossed!
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    Do you have any REAL reasons why this shouldn't use a V8? Saleen has much more experience with v8 than 12s, and that experience was carried over into making this engine. a v12 from Saleen would probably be less reliable.
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    Well I think he's right mate. If they had a V12, it would be that extra power, maybe up to 600hp. Or they could put twin turbo on it
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    According to most websites the Saleen S7R has 700HP...same engine, geared differently...I still dont see your point why it should have a V12. The ferrari F40 and F50 both had V8s.
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    coz with a V12 u get more torque and status and anyway the F40 is a V8 Twin Turbo
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    also, the F50 is a V12
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    I think the F40 had a TT V8 while hte F50 had a V12
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    They could twin turbo it now if they wanted, but they don't. Obviously, the guys at Saleen would have used a v12 if they thought it would be a better overall investment.
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    look at the torque on this car. The v8 gives more torque then the v12 but less horsepower just like most american cars. The reason the v8 gives more torque is the bigger bore a v8 can get and the v12 cant. the v12 can get more hp cause of rpms but hp isnt everything. Also, saleen wanted an american supercar not a european wannabe.
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    u just repeated what i pointed out earlier
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    fair enough, i guess if i was a rich #$%# then i would tell saleen to custom make me a V12 S7.
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    but thats just me
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    v-8s are fine it suits this car perfectley and with a lighter engine it would be quicker
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    there r advantages and disadvantages
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    HP ISNT EVERYTHING DANG IT!!!!! aerodynamics, suspension, weight, chassis, DRIVER, and much more effect performance. This car goes 235 anyway. Ive visited the saleen factory and seen the car and talked to workers. it has more potential than that, too. This car is FAST and capable. The V-8 does its job and the V-12 would offset balance for cornering and would need weeks more of fine tuning. The V-8 is all it needs.
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    yes i know that hp isn't everything. drag racing is for girls, u just go straight. what i'm talking about is street racing. how about a smaller v12 then? sumthing 5L? or maybe 3.5L?
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    european wannabe? they sure copied the european styling lol <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    V8's are awesome. I think this car deserves a V10, though. It would be even more perfect with a V10.
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    Really? I didn't know the F40 and F50 had a V8 MAN, WAIT TILL ANTIDOMESTIC HEARS THIS SHIT! HE'S GONNA BAWL LIKE A BABY!
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    I think it's awesome with a V8. Besides, V8's have that awesome torque, which is the cause of the impressive accelearation.
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    no, the F50 is a V12.
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    Man, then that guy is wrong.
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    he is wrong big time.
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    Drag racing is for girls? I would sure love to see you get behind the wheel of a 10,000 HP dragster and tell me it's for girls. Jeez, as soon as you start moving you're in danger. 0-300 in about 5 seconds doesn't sound like anything for a girl to mess with.

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    well it might be true but steve saleen said that this cat is "An American interpetation of a European supercar" so probably its interpeting the styling but not the engine and remember the xj220 had a v6 engine, thouth the xj220 concept that was shown in 89 had a v12. Also the 911 gt1 had a Twin Turbo (or turbo) flat 6. now what would you guys say if the caddillac cien went into production? best american car if im correct.

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