Doesn't deserve the name "Mustang"

Discussion in '1982 Ford Mustang GT' started by Homsar, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Out of every Mustang I have seen, this is definitely the worst. Don't get me wrong, I love Mustangs, but this is just garbage. The only good Mustangs I have seen are the ones from the first six years of production and the ones from 1998 until now. 1971 was the year that the Mustang lost it's style. But then again, that was the '70's and '80's. No telling what the designers were high on.
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    For the time though, 85-91 was some of the Mustangs best years. 74-78 was ..... pretty awful.
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    Just to clear some things up the mustang was still a powerful and good looking car until 1973. From then until 1986 mustangs weren't very great. In 1987 Mustangs really started to get their power back. After the 1987 mustang came out with the new body style and greatly increased power, which was under rated from the factory, mustangs have been getting more and more powerful. My favorite body style's are definitely '87-'91 and '66-'71.
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    i actually have started to grow fond of the fox mustangs up to about '85. i've always kinda liked the mustang II's too. and i've always liked the '71-'73 mustangs. my dad in fact owns a '73 mach 1 and its a mean lookin car...mean performing too, itd whip the crap outa this stang
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    it was 87-93... but it doesnt matter...i only like airbags...
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    Yeahh, I think 74-84 Mustangs were the worst, really sucked. I do like the 94-01 and the old Shelby models.
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    you would think that a person who actually owns a mustang would go and bash on camaros or imports.come on guys there aren't enough pissant import owners out there bashing or cars. listen i love this car it has the feel of your early model mustangs and enough power to take on all cars of its time not to mention most imports of today. amn do i hate imports. always overated for what they can really do.
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    157hp v8? GO FORD!
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    1982, hello!
  10. 94 Z28, what did Chevy have in the Camaro and Corvette in '82? Oh that's right it had more than 157.......and the Mustang WHORED both of them :-D

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