Drivers should not play with buttons - Vettel

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    Drivers should drive, not play with buttons - Vettel
    ESPNF1 Staff
    February 16, 2011

    Sebastian Vettel has again spoken of his unease over F1's mandatory adjustable rear wings in 2011, believing they could reduce the impact of overtaking in the eyes of spectators.

    At the Jerez test last week, having already experimented with the systems earlier, teams trialled the FIA-coded software that will govern when the rear wings can be triggered on track this year to aid overtaking.

    "Overtaking in F1 has always been difficult," Vettel told La Gazzetta dello Sport. "Whoever manages to get past gets the same sort of admiration as a goal scorer in football.

    "There is a risk that the public thinks overtaking will now be too easy. The drivers should be driving, not playing with all sorts of different buttons and systems.

    "Last year there was the F-duct, now it's the rear wing and KERS. I'm not totally convinced that this is all a good thing."
  2. bring back the manual gearboxes.
  3. Everyone alwasys complains about everything before every season ever.
  4. Mostly because it's getting shittier every year because of retarded crap like this.
  5. Nobody on the grid seems to be liking this rear wing & kers bullshit, I don't blame them
  6. Haven't been following the news lately... but is KERS back or not?
  7. it is.

    Also you can adjust your rear wing lol.
  8. We should go back to the days where there was a mechanic in the car, kids these days have it too easy.
  9. Id really enjoy seeing/hearing manual gearboxes. slow the cars down a bit and introduce more driver skill dependence.
  10. I don't agree about his comments on overtaking, he just sucks at it, I do think there needs to be less buttons, and manual gearboxes would be awesome. Not sure if they would work with a modern F1 car though.
  11. The kids these days are spoiled brats too.
  12. They will with inline fours.
  13. This
  14. Loss of traction control. move to slicks? Eveyrone was complaining about those even.
  15. Who?
  16. one of the main reasons why I like older cars/race cars over newer ones.
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    That'd mean going back 15-16 years in time. Even though I don't want this time back, because I'm all for technological advance, I must show you this awesome video of Ukyo's foot work in his Tyrrell:
  19. I would love to see the cars be more mechanical. Would be cool to see the driver actually be the dominant factor in the cars performance instead of the opposite.
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    Removing traction control, active suspension, active aero, and dozens of other things they ban put them back 20+ years in time yet nobody seems to mind.
  21. If you were to ignore all other things that did improve, you'd be right
  22. ? Im just saying that essentially all of the regulations kick progress and technology in the nuts, many of which arent judged poorly. Dont see why manuals are seen differently.
  23. A few, dont remember exactly who as I thought they where idiots for saying it. Their main complaints came from wet wether conditions.
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    See, that is the stuff I really enjoy. Make F1 into that and I'm sold.
  25. They sound silly.

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