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  1. Yeah I'll admit it, I still buy car magazines occasionally (usually focused on classic euro cars and youngtimers) and read car articles and watch formula 1. I've watched every JC-era Top Gear episode at least twice and I've given Grand Tour a shot as well. It disappointed me, though I enjoyed the used Maserati Biturbos episode, which had more to do with the cars than the show itself. I think one reason why I enjoyed Grand Tour a bit less is because it's not a BBC show. Don't get me wrong, I loathe the BBC. But because it's run by gutmensch kind of people that love the smell of their own farts and can't take any form of criticism whatsoever, there was always a sort of tension in the air that anything, at anytime, could spark a scandal. The bar to cause a scandal by accident (or mildly on purpose) is raised so much higher at Amazon's with all the freedoms that they've become less on the edge. The tension was good, to kick the ceiling every now and then, which is virtually unreachable at their new employer. Or at least, that's what I think it is and I like my train of thoughts there.

    But this is about Drivetribe and I think for as far as an easy-to-read car blog goes, they pretty much nailed it. Nice pics, nice reviews, nice opinion pieces, never dull, all very agree to disagree without making you feel like you're wrong.

    Myeah. That's all.
  2. I get all my up to the minute car news from
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  3. I'm on there, have been since launch, but I'm not really getting anything out of it. Maybe that's just me.

  4. i like petrolicious
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  5. I still buy car mags quite frequently. Though I only ever read them on the shitter. I usually just use my phone. But I don't like taking my phone in the bathroom. I'd prefer to retouch and re-read the same poo particle covered paper product.
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  6. I like it too (fan in fb) but kinda cliche sometimes. It's as if videos are made by a girl who's waiting for her white kinght or something lol
  7. Haha 100%, the loo is my main reading spot
  8. If I'm debating with you guys, the quality of my response is directly proportional to the amount of time taken to poop.
  9. the quality of something I read can be measured by the size of my hemorrhoids
  10. I just look at pictures of old cars on instagram these days

    haven't driven/owned a car in something like four years
  11. so this is for real? I remember when I was a kid my dad told me I'd bleed out my ass if I stayed on the toilet too long. I didn't believe it.
  12. There seems to be a link between the position we sit in and the pressure given. Sometimes when pressing too hard I know already how it's gonna end. It's not really like violent bleeding, by the way, just a bit of blood when wiping because it's a bit a scratchwound after the toiletpaper goes past it. I've had jumbo grapes only twice and they fade with time.
  13. Same here, but only when i put too much pressure. Goes away after a couple of days.


    We all need to poo like these guys.

    For your health.
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  14. #slavsquats
  15. In indonesia they do it as well.

    Called "jongkok". Even the president does it.

    I don't know how they do it. So uncomfortable.

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  16. From Car Magazines to Hemorrhoids and advice on how to avoid them.

    Oh how i love you
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  17. squatting kills my knees
  18. Ankles and toes for me. But I'm almost always wearing steel toe boots. So that may have more to do with it. When I'm wearing my Cons it isn't so bad
  19. Hemorrhoids become more important than car mags over time.

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