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  2. maybe Pinch?
  3. Skream is probably the most well known dubstep artist.

    Caspa and ORIEN maybe.
  4. Just sort of getting into Dubstep myself. Saw Skream and Benga go b2b at a music festival the other day and they were really good. Also saw a set from Public Enemys, DJ Lord who played some really dark and dirty dub. N-Type is quite good as well.

    I know a few of the D&B producers are getting into making some Dubstep. Chase & Status (who I also saw the other day) have made some good stuff and also Black Sun Empire from Holland.
  5. not really my thing, so i dunno man.
  6. Yeah the latest Chase & Status album has some dubstep on it.

    Anyway if you like Rusko, did you check out his Essential mix?
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    Chase & Status - Eastern Jam -
    501 - Get Back -
    Caspa & The Others - Well Ard - (Caspa has made a few tunes with Rusko I believe, so he could be someone to look out for)
    Skream - Oskilatah -
    Tes La Rok - Bass 31 -

    Interesting sort of music. Some of the basslines are nuts!


    Plus if you think you would like this sort of a music at a faster/much faster pace check this out

    Noisia(breaks/electro) - Yellow Brick -
    Noisia(dnb) - Stigma -
    Noisia(dnb) - Block Control VIP 2 - (heavy heavy tune this one)

    Some crazy mother#$%#ers from Holland. They use similar sort of basslines to the dubstep boys with D&B and they make some Breaks/Electro type stuff too. I basically rate them as some of the best producers in electronic music right now (boys CAN FKN MIX too!). Everything they make is so polished. Saw them again on Sunday and as always, they absolutely smashed it, crowd was going absolutely nuts.
  8. Well its different
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    Word, I can't get down for Caspa. I don't know what it is.

    Tes La Rok is nuts.
  10. oh yeah check beatport.com they have masses of dubstep
  11. Noisia is touring over there too? Only saw them once last year during summer at a festival.
  12. ive seen them way too many times. they stay true to their city roots lol.
  13. It was one of the best drum&bss performances I've seen so far, if not THE best.
  14. Yeah, they seem to come to Adelaide at least once a year. Played at the Summber Break Festival again this year. Line up included:

    DNB/Hip Hop:
    Public Enemy (live) - Can't believe how good these guys still are live
    Chase & Status
    Sub Focus
    D-Bridge + Jenna G
    DJ Lord (PE's DJ)
    Pez & 360

    The Rest:
    Midnight Juggernauts (Live)
    Adam Freeland
    Jonathan Ulysses (Space Ibiza)
    Utah Saints
    Van She (Live)
    Grafton Primary (Live)

    Tydi (Aus #1 DJ)
    TV Rock
    Two Fresh feat. Kid Kenobi + Hugga Thugg
    Bag Raiders
    Tommy Trash
    Snob Scrilla (Live)
    MC Shureshock
    Carl Kennedy
    The Cut ("Gimme Head"]
    The Levitators (Live)
    Former Child Stars (Live)

    Was set out over 3 stages in a park. I mostly hung around the DnB/Hip Hop stage haha. Was a top day.

    New Years day I'm heading to another festival with the following:

    Andy C
    Brother Ali
    Fedde Le Grand ft Camille Jones
    Hook N Sling
    The Potbelleez
    Aston Shuffle
    The Funkoars
    Terra Firma
    Patch (local dnb dj who is basically as good as any international)

    Can't wait for this shit!

  15. This ones a ground-shaker folks, set bass to +11.

    1. Skream - Tribal Intro
    2. Skream - The Shining
    3. DLX - Matter of Facts (Breakage's Relatively Speaking Mix)
    4. Mala - Mountain Dread March
    5. Skream - If You Know
    6. Benni Page & Zero G - Pan Pipes
    7. Hit N Run - Bad Out
    8. Noah D & No Thing - Unknown Suspect
    9. Seven - Siren
    10. Seven - Dark Passenger
    11. The Smuts - Badman Place
    12. Benga - Better
    13. Kutz - Twilight Zone
    14. Skream - Filth
    15. De Kulture - Diesel
    16. Benga - Benga's Off His Head
    17. Rusko - Soundboy My Target
    >>> Jakes - 2 Steps Back V.I.P.
    18. Skream - Simple City
    19. Babylon System & Noah D - Examination Of Time
    20. Skream - Fick
    21. Benga - 26 Basslines V.I.P.
    22. Breakage - Together
    23. Benga - Sleep Another Day
    24. TC - Where's My Money (Caspa Remix)
    25. Black Ganion - Method (Goth Trad Remix)
    26. Skream - Meta-Lick
    27. Rufige Kru - Shanghai Nights
    28. Lateef - Saw, Sine, Square
  16. drano upload that shiz so I can download that shiz
  17. drano upload that shiz so I can download that shiz
  18. It's not guitar driven music though.
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  20. Yeah, just like MGMT.

  21. these rusko beats are pretty fresh this is just my first real exposure to dubstep. seriously feelin it
  22. I still have yet to find anything nearly as good as him.

    His shit is unreal.

    Cockney Thug
    Mr. Chips

    Peeps those songs as well.
  23. You should definitely check out the Yellow Brick tune by Noisia I posted. Reckon you'd really like their breaks/electro type stuff. Their dnb may be a tad on the hard side for ya though haha.
  24. Nice line-up for this evening I see.

    where I'm going there will be Black Sun Empire, Total Science, and others.
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