Easily the coolest car in geneva

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Baklava, Mar 2, 2011.

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  2. Just a few things are uglier on this planet.

    Looks like an Elfin tuned by Xzibit.
  3. it looks awful but I really fell in love with this thing too. Im not sure why.
  4. sure it's not beautiful, but goddamn its cool.
  6. this
  7. Also, the coolest car in geneva is the Morgan.
  8. lol no.
  9. worse than that 3 wheeler
  11. STFU this thing looks fantastic! DO WANT!

    Geneva has really had some gems this year. I must go to the show in the future.
  12. Your mom will let you fly to europe on your lonesome? Or shall it be a family affair?
  13. NO WOOT this is #$%#ing awful looking

    just no
  14. Wiesmann had a great thing going with the first cars they made... Simple, classy, oldschool. Then came that coupe with the M3 engine which looked like shit, and now this. Downward spiral for sure.
  15. I love it, in a over-the-top ridiculousness kind of way.
  16. I'm with panda

    Holy **** I'm making that a shirt
  17. I hate the headlights, but the rest is hot.
  18. anyone who dislikes this, needs to be excecuted.
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  21. lol designed by k-swiss
  22. Haha

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