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  1. It is said that the new Ford Falcon will be released tomorrow (17 Feb.), but now I can show you how it looks...
  2. zomg its so falconish
  3. looks like a taxi to me
  4. Oh dear........ <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    EDIT: I must say my initial disappointment has since passed. I am starting to be very pleased with this.
  5. bf with focus/mondeo bits.
  6. is g-series the new name for the fairmont?
  7. em-em-em-bargo breakerr
  9. I thought it was going to be totally new and different to the BA/BF?
  10. No, still the same.
  11. It probably is quite different from the BF model (check out the side window line) but they made it look the same. Stupid Ford.
  12. Nah

    THe BA/BF shared the same doors as the AU, this is a new model.
  13. Yeah the roofline, and therefore doors, are reshaped. Looks like rear headroom/access is a lot better. It's still the same underneath, although it's got the virtual pivot point front suspension from the Territory (dunno wtf that is <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> )
  14. looking forward to the Fpv, Holdens have been strolling around like they own the place
  15. Very nice looking. The profile and 3/4 front shots of the XR8 look like some kind of Cobra sedan.
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    Ford has taken the covers of its much hyped new FG Falcon in an elaborate ceremony in Melbourne.

    Ford has revealed the eighth generation Falcon to the world in a spectacular ceremony at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre this morning.

    Now designated FG by Ford, but known for the last few years by its Orion codename, the unveil was cloaked in secrecy. Media were transported to the venue in buses with blacked out windows and ushered inside via a tunnel.

    The actual reveal was led off by new Ford Australia president Bill Osborne, followed up a troupe of dancers before the new G6E luxury model was lowered on to the stage in a swirl of dry ice, while others examples of the range were driven in.

    �This car will blow away the cobwebs,� says Osborne. �Today is about moving forward � and taking the next step in the transition of our great company.�

    The exterior showed off a more chiseled look than its predecessor, obviously inspired by Ford kinetic design language already seen here in the Mondeo.

    Ford starts testing undisguised FGs on the road from tomorrow (Monday), so you should soon get a chance to make your own judgement on its style.

    But while we now know what FG looks like and have much of the technical information related to this vital new car, pricing is yet to be revealed, the media won�t drive it till early April and sales don�t start until May.

    The FPV high-performance versions �also revealed this morning � will go on-sale June 2.

    FG is the last hurrah for the Falcon as a unique Australian car. In 2010 it trades its iconic locally-built 4.0-litre inline 6 for an imported V6. In 2012-13 it should adopt an all-new architecture that should be shared globally amongst Ford�s rear-wheel drive vehicles including the legendary Mustang sports car. Long term, Ford has yet to guarantee Falcon will continue to be locally-built.

    While not a clean-sheet like Holden�s 2006 VE Commodore, the FG is a massive update of the BA/BF generation that includes all-new sheetmetal and interior, upgraded engines and chassis and a claimed improvement in safety structure that is expected to yield the first five star NCAP safety rating for an Australian-built car.

    Front and side-front airbags will be standard on all Falcon sedans, while only the entry-level XT misses out on curtains. A reversing camera will be standard on higher level models. Stability control will be standard on all models.

    Inside Ford is claiming an improved driving environment and class-leading space, exploiting the new car�s flatter roof, slimmer doors, slimmer doors and all-new design. Egress and ingress to the rear seat has been addressed with new wider-opening doors, a big criticism of the old car.

    Ford has crafted three distinct exterior looks for FG sedan to reflect the three model channels that have been created. Significantly, all of them will now wear the Falcon badge

    Unsurprisingly the most conservative looker is the XT, which continues as the base model aimed at fleet and family markets. The Futura has been dropped.

    Next up are the more upmarket looking Falcon G-Series models. G6 replaces Fairmont and G6E (E is for Europe) replaces Fairmont Ghia. The G6E Turbo employs the 4.0-litre turbo previously reserved for the XR6.

    The successful XR sports model lineup has the most aggressive looks. Its lineup is familiar, including the base model XR6, the XR6 Turbo and the XR8, which is the only V8 left in the lineup.

    The Falcon ute lineup hasn�t been fully revealed, but expect it to be trade oriented, in contrast to Holden�s ute which chases recreational customers. There will be an XR8 at the top of the range, but like all other Falcon utes will continue to have leaf springs.

    And there will be a Falcon wagon, but it will be a barely altered BF III that stays in the range as a �tool of trade� vehicle, with a leaf spring rear-end and single 4.0-litre engine choice. Again, this contrasts with Holden�s racier Sportwagon.

    The FPV lineup now comprises seven models. Ford wasn;t talking power figures, but stablity control is now standard on all models, there is a new six-speed manual transmission and some names have changed. However, the GT and GT-P badges continue.

    FPV has played a key role in the mainstream FG�s engine updates, donating its old 290kW 5.4-litre V8. The FG�s turbo six is also uprated to 270kW while the standard 4.0 is little changed in terms of outputs.

    However it does get a five-speed auto to replace the old four-speed and this helps improve fuel economy. The other engines are claimed to be thriftier too, something Ford attributes to engine development work and a tiny 10kg lift in FG�s kerb weight.

    Of course, little additional weight means acceleration figures should be improved too, although Ford refuses to discuss numbers.

    Ford�s weight achievements in part due to the expensive decision to use aluminium for some front suspension components. Chassis-wise, this is also the area of major change as FG adopts the Virtual Pivot pioneered by the Territory. The rear Control Blade suspension has been fettled, but remains fundamentally the same.

    Add in new monotube dampers and improved steering Ford promises this will be the best handling and riding Falcon yet.
  17. Sounds good, got FPV pix?
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    Haha people actually check this forum?

    It actually scares me to think of the number of lurkers we have here, reading our every posts, never saying a word....
  20. The FPV's are going to look pretty mean.
  21. ...interesting. I guess those pictures released a while ago were legit.
  22. errrgh. doesn't look that great.
  23. i like what i see from the fpv, alotta plastic though.

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