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  1. So basically you are in no better position than Evo to assess the relative merits of these cars.
  3. No but just as good, which is enough to make the verdict that you can never prefer and old stick shift to the technological miracle the Scuderias transmission is ....

    Your explaination regarding the use of the clutch pedal is plausible from a theoretical point of view. But it doesn´t happen ... it just doesn´t. And IF it does it is certainly not enough reason you would prefer the stone age transmission to the F1 SF....
  4. How can someone who hasn't even driven the lineup of cars claim they are "just as good?" That doesn't make any sense.

    Actually, it does happen. Not just in theory. I've used it, and it works, in some situations. Not all. In describing Ducati's method to control engine braking in their MogoGP bikes:
    "So too much engine braking is bad, but a mild amount can definitely be beneficial during corner entry...The rider can use this moderate engine braking to smoothly transfer the bike's weight forward when he starts to slow for a corner, or even use it to tighten his line mid-corner by rolling off the throttle slightly."
    ---Motorcycle Daily

    I never said that by itself was enough to prefer the manual, nor did I say I prefer the manual against all F1-style transmissions. To make those two inferences is, well, just dumb.
    You're just picking nits to cry about why your beloved Ferrari lost the comparo, ignoring the fact that it placed exceptionally well in the comparo, the fact that some of Evo's old tweed-jacket-wearing editors liked the Ferrari's transmission, and the fact that the Porsche won on merits other than the transmission.
  5. you can engine brake with paddle shift, i don't get your point.
  6. You obviously don't and that's your mistake. I'm not saying you can't engine brake with a paddle shifter. I already KNOW you can. This is the difference (now pay attention): You can fine tune the *degree* of engine braking much more easily by simply pressing in the manual clutch and releasing with varying degrees of pressure. There are degrees to this. With a paddle shifter, can you grab neutral and control the *level of slippage* from anywhere between 0 and 100% within fractions of a second?
  7. ok, now i've got it, but i'm not a pro driver so i don't know how much this could help on a track.
  8. I'm not a pro either. Anyone (with a manual clutch) can use this on the street, in the twisties. It's just a subtle trait of being able to adjust the pressure on a clutch, that's all. The point is the driver has at his disposal this last bit of control, which is absent in paddleshifters.
  9. The purpose of test articles is to give the reader a picture of how the cars behave and feel. One then compares this to what one self sees in those cars. Longer exposure for writings of same individuals give quite good knowledge of how those cars would fare in test drive by oneself.
    In this EVO stands out quite well, although I haven't read any other magazine long enough to form similar bond.
  10. who is a pro here???
  11. your mom. five-dolla-sucky-sucky kind of pro.
  12. you know, you would have to be the lamest mother #$%#er i have ever known
  13. the R26.R kicks ass... really would like one.
  14. what about a edo FXX
  15. Clearly the same class of car
  18. Just quickly browsed though the issue, good reading. Sums up this year perfectly.


    It was nice to see the John Cooper Works doing so well too, but really, its far too expensive. 40% more costly than Cooper S and things like the body kit and often seen Recaros are all extras not included to that price...
  19. You're such a #$%#ing fanboy its incredible.
  20. i knew that
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  22. seriously
  24. No I am just stcking to the facts. And I can becuase unlike most of the kids in this forum I actually drive the cars that we discuss.

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