ex just texted me

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. telling me to listen to a certain song. listened to the song, its about speaking on the phone to an old love.

    i get the message. but I'm glad to finally say at this point i don't even want to reply.

    and she's still thinking of me. so hah.

    were getting somewhere now
  2. now run over and punch her in the box!
  3. if i saw her on the street id honestly ignore her.

    im also pissed off, i just found out i have the day off from school tmrw. if i realized this earlier id go to the bars and get drunk with comrades.

    don't feel like leaving the house now that I'm home.

    genuinely annoyed.

    also, good looks on the pomegranate tip
  4. don't even read her messages. delete them immediately.
  5. yeah, i basically scanned this one and deleted it.

    its hard to delete without reading on the iPhone, since you get the preview.

    id block her number, but apparently i have to #$%#ing pay extra for that feature (american cell phone companies) so whatever.
  6. REPLY:

    SMS DAEMON ERROR: transcrit 21341 Error 4: "Could not deliver to recepient(s)"
    Unknown IMEI
  7. not even worth it dawn
  8. If you don't respond, she'll stop texting you.
  9. eh. you never know.

    she never took me seriously when i told her I'm going to ignore her...and rightfully so. i never was able too. i think me not replying + some time passing will rustle her jimmies to try to attempt further contact.

    i shouldn't even be thinking this though. just ignore it and thats that
  10. have you thought about murdering her
  11. I dont know what to say, do you want her back or nah?
  12. You: stop responding to her

    Her: probably leave it be at first. Then maybe wonder why you stopped replying to her texts, so text you a bit more. Then maybe get frustrated, so text you a lot. Eventually, realize you aren't going to give in, so she give up.
  13. yeah. thats what i think is going to happen. i just have to not cave.

    she's probably going to go for the blocked phone call as well, she bas in the past. thats a tricky one. in that event simply hanging up is kind of rude. but i think its called for
  14. For someone who doesn't care, you're making an awful lot of #$%#ing threads/posts about her.
  15. first thread in quite awhile
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  17. wasn't exclusively about her, but true, true.
  18. at first i thought you were a whiny #%!@ but now i quite enjoy your threads
  19. just don't answer a blocked number. If it's important they'll leave a voicemail.
  20. corks is a whiny #%!@ and an epic #$%# up as well being i imagine quite scholastically smart yet a complete idiot all at the same time. He's at least mildly funny/entertaining to read about. I don't think I would want to know him irl
  21. better make a thread
  22. what if she actually just thinks your gonna like the song ...
  24. Seems like a fairly smart dude with a complete lack of common sense
  25. i cant say i dont love tuning into this degrassi high bullshit everyday.

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