Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

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  1. HEHE I would love to see them fight on youtube.
  2. Why don't you just ban him ?

    And LamBoy
  4. This new super Lamorghini is headed for the the Frankfurt Autoshow. This model will be powered by a heavily modified version of the Lamborghini LP640's 6.5 liter V-12. The engine output is slated to be close to 700 BHP. The body has been heavily influenced by the F22 Raptor. The nose of the car has been modified as well as the body work being rewoked. The car wil also share many of the design cues from the LP640. Expect a modified rear end as well as aerodynamics. This model was designed completely in house by a design team lead by Walter De' Silva and a kabal or designers form around the VAG design group.
  5. This car is going to be epic!
  6. This car is going to be epic indeed! I have seen te car upclose and personal and I must say I love it. The plan is to release this model in very limited numbers and I'm happy that Lamborghini has finally stepped up to the challenge of Ferrari and Porsche. This is very special project that I want everyone to know took alot of time for Lamborghini to give the green light too. This car will blow your mind in so many ways, and I'm so happy that I got to see it ahead of time. This will be the first in a limited run of special and exclusive Lamborghini's to come in next life cycles of te modle line-up.
  7. Ok, an LP640 with 60 more HP with a F22 raptor's nose.

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    Very original. You guys eat it up.
  8. Not like this.

    This is just a another sad attempt to copy what James Glickenhaus (a Ferrari client) did with the P4 last year. That's all.
  9. Right, and a GT3 is a 911 with +90bhp and a bit of detailing.

    Can't possibly be anything interesting.
  10. Thats very original, how many companies today use a air craft plan for there new range topping model? The plan is to release a model that will showcase all that the companies new design language as well as the companies new era of design.
  11. As we all know JG was the first man ever to have a car coach built.
  12. Cars will never fly & aren't meant for flying. If this whole F22 thing is true, then Lamborghini has sank to a new level of silliness.
  13. are you #$%#n retarded? yes you are, why am I even asking. to take insipiration for design doesnt mean they are trying to fool customers. many designs take inspiration from things like animals. applying FNAF logic will lead to the company going down the drain because a car can never be an animal. lol.
  14. Saab. /thread.
  15. wtf?
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  17. Spyker, Bristol...
  18. You just had another Zonda with a BMW engine moment.
  19. I mean, it's not like this is a series production run, instead of a coachbuilt one off, and yet you simultaneously compare it to the FXX and P4/5...are you mad?
  20. its an LP640 based car. slighly more power 660-ish hp, but the main different is the design, both inside and out.
  21. What a rippoff
  22. The FXX has a purpose. This car has ABSOLUTELY NONE.

    Well 1. Like Panda says.

  23. The internet has been swirling this last week with fevered speculation about a new Lamborghini supercar which is set to be unveiled at next month's Frankfurt IAA, and which will jettison the Sant'Agata carmaker into Ferrari Enzo territory. While little concrete information is known about the form that the new model will take, well placed sources have confirmed the project's existence and aims to Italiaspeed in the last few days.

    This dramatic new 'Raging Bull' monster is expected to be limited to just 20 units, with a staggering 1 million euro price tag being attached. All the batch of cars are believed to have been sold already, with just under half being destined for the United States. Reports suggest that a scale model and a video detailing the project's progress have been shown to dealers and high-end VIPs at an airport close to this weekend's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance in California, with the presentation being introduced by Lamborghini President and CEO Stephan Winkelmann.

    The existence of this new project comes as Automobili Lamborghini, buoyed by sharply rising sales and increasing profits, takes the fight for supremacy in the supercar sector right to Ferrari's door. At the end of last month the Audi-owned brand posted a first half pre-tax profit of 26.4 million euros, a record result for the four-decade-old sports car maker which is based close to Bologna. And in fact this rsult was higher than its entire 2006 profit, 18.1 million euros, which was itself a yearly record. During the first six months Lamborghini delivered 1,239 of its V10 Gallardo and V12 Murciélago sports cars, up almost a third year-on-year, while turnover was up an impressive 61 percent to 253 million euros.

    Against this backdrop comes a desire to pitch the brand up against its biggest and most established rivals. In Automobili Lamborghini's own words: "the company came one step closer to its target of being the most profitable super sports car manufacturer in the world".

    Lamborghini puts much of its recent sales success down to its new and vastly improved brand recognition worldwide, a fresh and dynamic model range, as well as its rapidly growing dealer network. Now the next step of this bold approach to 'build the 'Bull' will see a dramatic new 'halo' supercar hitting the streets.

    The limited-edition new model is expected to be based on the platform of the Murciélago LP640 supercar, but with all external components being new except the scissor doors and door mirrors. The LP640, with its 640bhp, 6.5-litre V12 engine, was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2006; and was followed by a Roadster version at the end of the year. It is reported that in this new guise cubic capacity will be increased even further and that horsepower is set to be in excess of 700 bhp.

    Reports suggest that Lamborghini's design team drew inspiration from the US military's F-22 Raptor fighter jet. The F-22, built by Lockheed Martin, is the latest generation of fighter aircraft to utilise 'stealth' technology. A string of visual cues for the new Lamborghini model have been drawn from this aircraft, while inside it reputedly features an instrument console which has been developed using the theme of the ones found in the F-22's cockpit. The new Lamborghini will be available in just one external colour 'jet fighter grey' (a specifically created, one-off, colour) and, keeping up the overall 'military' theme even further, the interior fabrics will be trimmed in a special hue of green. (Italiapseed.com)
  24. F-22 RAPTOR

    Inside the new Lamborghini supercar reputedly features an instrument console which was been inspired by the one the one found in the F-22's cockpit. (Italiapseed.com)

    LOL, it only may come with a head-up display like we already saw in the Corvette or the BMW M5
  25. I could take a shit...and lay the logs out to look like a sopwith camel and say "inspired buy a fighter plane" and technically...it would mean the same thing. I cant stand car companies using "jet fighter inspiration" as if it means a damn thing. The only time it does mean anything is if its means materials used. Like aerospace grade CF or something. Or if the car has a jet engine. Thats cool too. Aerodynamics and an ergonomic, driver-centered interior are just features a sports car should have. Just as they are feautres a fighter jet should have. Its just an exploited coincidence.

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