Exclusive Lamborghini to debut at Frankfurt '07

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by menoy36, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. ROFL
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    I envy and insult all people who can afford cars that I cant equally. Im very democratic in that matter.

    What I dont do is play the histeric fanboy part.

    I didnt badmouth Ferrari or their cars wich I love, what I do criticize is trying to say that those little events are meaningful or that Ferrari cant live without. They have very dedicated clients and they have to keep them happy, create relations in order to keep those guys coming back and spending millions on their cars.

    Its two ways to achieve the same purpose, Ferrari uses its past and racing, Lambo uses their drama, but the end result is the same.
  3. Its scary that you truly believe in all the bullshit that you post.
  4. Well i doubt those 20 Lambo buyers will have the same experience out of their money as the FXX's .
  5. maybe thats because the FXX is a pure track car and the new Lambo is a road going supercar. maybe.
  6. What is this lambo other than a 20 cars limited rebodied LP640 ?
  7. a faster, better looking (yet to see) car. if you are arguing that this car is pointless, then please explain to me the point of the Enzo or F60 (if it comes). these cars are all pointless.
  8. With his own technology & from his racing division. The only thing Lamborghini did was badge his name to it.

    Just like Audi builds the cars now & Lamborghini is still just badging that name to them.
  9. Son its been nearly 6 years since the Enzo. The Enzo is 6 year old technology.
  10. Do you own a Ferrari?
  11. you have still yet to support ANY of your arguments (ie F. Lamborghini stole stuff, Miura was a Ferrari etc) with sources. except for "cars cant fly", I think thats a little obvious <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  12. This is getting loler and loler with every passing page.
  13. so the point of the Enzo was to have 6 year old technology? lol, what you just said was completely IRRELEVENT.

    whats the point of the Enzo? and please dont say "to carry the glory of Ferrari's racing heritage to the light of the 21st century" or some gay shit like that.

    also, I didnt know the Enzo came in 2001.
  14. Every Lambo/Ferrari thread gets like this, lol.
  15. Im arguing this car is pointless at this price. I dont see the reason of the 1m tag other than the exclusivity.

    Its gonna cost 3x what a LP640 cost , yet its based on that car and will be slightly faster but still slower than a Veyron.
  16. just take a look at the Ferrari FXX or Maserati MC12 Corsa
  17. There's not even enough details on this car to start taking random shots at it.
  18. you guys would make HORRID business men. at 500K, 700K or 1.5M, this car would have sold out. who in their right mind would not charge the 1.5M?

    most people who drive Lambos and Ferrari and Porsche are a bunch of retards who just neeeeeed attention, they crave the names and thats the only reason most ofthese cars sell. the other, much smaller percentage is on fchat and lambopower or the internet in general because they have enough enthusiasm for their cars to find out more and learn more and meet other who share the same feelings. most of these exotics are barely driver over the speed limit, if at all. why can they charge 1.5M? because the buyer will pay that much and of the 20, probably 17 or 18 will stay in the garage just like alot of the Enzos and Zondas and never see 5000+ rpm. the point of these cars? so the owners can say they own a Lamborghini or a Ferrari or a Bugatti or a Pagani. this is why the whole Nurburgring lap times is huge of Porsche and F1 is huge for Ferrari. it sells.

    im sure FNAF in his 6 year old head thinks all Ferrari drivers are great drivers who enjoy the cars for what they are, whereas the reality is that over 90% of the Ferraris are bought to show off around the street. they are great cars, but only a small, SMALL number of owners really appreciate them for what they are, the others just like the name Ferrari or Lamborghini or Porsche on the hood of their cars.
  19. Well that is very short sighted. Sure you can cash out $30M but if this car doesnt deliver anything particularly exceptional, then Lambo will start losing its credibility . You can only milk your brand image so much when it is based on hot air.
  20. Lamborghini Superultramegaleggera and it's 20kgs lighter!
  21. Those cars are technically advanced and extremly fast ( Faster than the GT1 car ). Plus the whole program is a sucess among owners.

    You buy this 1M euro lambo and then what ? You have a rebodied 640 that you paid 3x more ..amazing.
  22. Where has Pandabeat gone?
  23. its the turth and there is no going around it.

    plus, we have yet to see it. personally, im gonna reserve jedgement until I see the design and the interior, not only in pics, but in person (hopefully).
  24. How do you know it'll just be rebodied?
  25. it might not "only" have 660 hp. the 660 hp figure I got is from a future Veyron owner who attented a Bugatti Dinner and was told the info (he may have been quoted here, hes a member of lpower and owns an LP640, so I know hes no BSing). that said, we wont know what he was told will be the real deal, afterall, he is not one of the 20 who has put the 300K deposite down. Lamborghini have kept this hidden VERY well. no spy shots or anything.

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