Explain your avatar & rank

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by rabbitl1, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. I'm not talking custom, some people have 500 and they have a higher rank already
  2. wtf?
  3. Brack. And I am a Messiah.
  4. aka Spider Man

    you know, in spider man 2 on top of the train...?
  5. Matt Damon

    I am a SuperDUPERcar Messia.
  6. shot i took at northwestern one morning after a night of insomnia. decided, "#$%# it, lets go see the sunrise."

    alas i do not have enough posts for a custom rank, or even close. with my old account and this combined i think id only have like 5k posts.
  7. oh, thats not it at all.
  8. its some company's logo

    i been here for like ever..but never post
  9. Adriana Lima, and I have a drinking problem?
  10. The photo's on my crashed hard drive, but someone's probably got the original. I can't be arsed scanning again right now.
  11. ehh german man doing a little tanz and my rank...i have diarrea
  12. I am a Supercar Messiah and I like AMGs.
  13. I want to boof Shane Warne.

    I don't have enough posts.
  14. I thought it was someone getting ridden doggy style.
  16. tahts what it looks like..but its really some company..they advertise billboards at motogp i think
  17. Its my favorite Supercar. Its totally american. And I don't know any moderators to change my rank.
  18. what about mission impossible 1?
  19. Hahaha. Here's another logo; A red sunset over a pagoda:
  20. ... nevermind.
  21. Adriana Lima...I heart Adriana Lima
  22. NB is that really Matt Damon and where'd u meet him kthnx

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