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  1. I prefer cars that look almost like race cars, such as the RCR SL-C. Some cars are extremely sporty but look very much like street cars. Most of the Italian exotics fit this description. The Gallardo and the Veyron are good examples. Some supercars such as the Enzo and CGT are about halfway in between. What do you like?
  2. To me this is the best looking car ever made. Without changing the rear spoiler it looks almost like a full race car, so I guess I should vote 2 or 3.
  3. i will agree, if you change the picture to a european spec one. the american spec one looks stupid
  4. I strongly dislike the "moustache" on US spec F40s. The wheels in that picture look nice though.
  5. it's a rare race car that looks genuinely gorgeous. even rarer a car that strike a balance and remains in the tops. there are a few street cars though that exist in that realm though, so I voted 7.
  6. I prefer raw track focused cars that have the adjustability of a racing car, so I voted #3
  7. So Ferrari/Porsche?
  8. I think he means Gumpert Apollo, or Ultima GTR. or maybe even cars such as Caterhams or Ariels.. Radicals definitely fit into this category

  9. Oh I know, I just wanted to hear some response about the CCRXRXRXRSRRSS being a race car for the road
  10. I prefer the full race look, or at least damn close to it.
  11. "CCXXXRRRRRRGGHHH the best most exclusive racecar-like savage hypercar of the perfection at it's finest yadda yadda yadda"

    It gets old after a while.

    That guy is not very creative when it comes to trolling.
  12. I think many of the most beautiful cars ever have been racecars, so im going a 1 or 2.
  13. I prefer to see racecars on the track and street cars on the street. I have no delusions of one playing the role of the other. Those that DO drive cars on the road and the track either never heard of a trailer or are too poor to afford one.

    Personally, when it comes to street cars, I much prefer an elegant, clean look like an Aston DB9 or a Toyota 2000GT.
  14. See the post right above yours.

    Some people can't afford a truck and a trailer or they have no place to store them. Some people can afford them but choose not to spend the money on something they don't want. Towing a car with a truck also causes a lot more pollution and uses a lot more resources compared to driving a car to the track.
  15. aston martin db4 lightweight by zagato
  16. That depends on how serious you are about your racing. Sure your car its possible to have your car just LOOK like a race car without the racecar demeanor. But if you voted a 1 or 2 in this poll, then the pollution/cost argument is a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of cash you might be pouring into your car and depending on your spec the regulations emissions and fuel economy for racecars are drastically more lenient than the ones for street cars.

    I can understand cruising to the drag strip in your modded Mustang and that's understandable. But in the upper echelons of amateur racing, it makes much more sense to just tow your car. Hell, in SCCA Spec Miata series, tons of people use trailers and those things are barely more than stock.
  17. You're confused. I never said that there was no reason to use a trailer. I merely said that it's ok for people to not use a trailer. That was something that needed to be said because you said " Those that DO drive cars on the road and the track either never heard of a trailer or are too poor to afford one.".
  18. Or they like driving aggressive cars on the street, or a drivable car on the track. There is nothing wrong with a dual use car. things like 911s exist for this very reason.
  19. I think all the most beautiful cars have been race car INSPIRED, like the Miura, inspired by the GT40 but not an actual race car, or the 33 Stradale, racecar underpinnings but a different body for the street car, same thing with modern supercars like the Mclaren F1, F50, Carrera GT, Enzo, etc... You could say they have race car DNA, but they're not actual race cars, those are my favorites. Cars that are inspired by race cars but specially designed to be road cars. However as far as I'm concerned, FULL RACE LOOK would be more like a Radical SR8 than that RCR SL-C, it still has a lot of street car in it. I guess my vote will be 4, I prefer the race car parts to be under the skin though.
  20. Whatever category both of these cars are in:
  21. ~3
  22. 2. I'm a really function over form person

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