F1 Guessing Game - Round 13 - Belgian GP

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  1. Kimi R�ikk�nen
    Felipe Massa
    Lewis Hamilton
    Robert Kubica
    Jarno Trulli
    Heikki Kovalainen
    Nick Heidfeld
    Rubens Barrichello

    PC1: Ferrari, McLaren, BMW
    PC2: Felipe Massa
  2. FM

    Ferrari, McLaren, Toyota

  3. LH

    pc1 Mclaren Ferrari BMW
    pc2 LH
  4. Spa rox my cox
  5. 1; LH
    2; FM
    3; HK
    4; KR
    5; NR
    6; RK
    7; FA
    8; SV

    PC1; MClaren, Ferarri, Williams
    PC2; LH
  6. Ok CRAP! I can't believe I missed the PC in this race. Damn you sleep! This one' gonna get everyone points, except for me <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  8. Provisional result by Formula1.com, the crash between KR and LH at the end of the race is til under investigation by the stewards of the race
  9. Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen have been put under investigation by Belgian Grand Prix stewards following their wheel-to-wheel battle in the chaotic closing laps at Spa.

    The pair entered a thrilling battle for the lead of the race after rain showers hit the Belgian circuit in the closing laps, with them making contact initially when Hamilton tried to go around the outside of his Ferrari rival under braking into the final chicane.

    This sent the Briton across the chicane and ahead of Raikkonen, but after letting the Finn back through Hamilton then retook the lead with a move down the inside of La Source.

    And while the stewards have yet to confirm the exact incident they are investigating, it is believed to be the one at the final chicane with three laps remaining and potentially puts the race result in doubt.

    McLaren boss Ron Dennis told ITV Sport that he thought the team had followed the regulations after telling Hamilton to let Raikkonen back through after he cut the chicane.

    "First of all we don?t know what the investigation is about," he told Ted Kravitz. "One assumes it is for the incident between Kimi and Lewis at the chicane.
    I think, first of all, Lewis was ahead at the chicane and he got pushed wide and he definitely was in the lead coming out of the chicane.
    We immediately radioed him to let Kimi past, he let Kimi past and then overtook him again before the line.
    Inevitably we wanted to know whether we had actually that was deemed to be correct ? we checked with Charlie [Whiting] and of course Charlie can only give an opinion because he is not the stewards.
    But he gave the opinion that we had probably complied to the regulations."

    He added that the team opted to for caution despite believing Hamilton had the advantage going into the right-hander in any case.

    "I would even dispute that there was any fault as we had the corner into the chicane," Dennis said. "But even if we didn?t have the corner, we let Kimi back in the lead."

    Dennis is hopeful that the stewards will not hand out any retrospective punishment as he is confident the team followed the rules.

    "Charlie is of course a very important opinion to have," he added.
    "We wanted to make sure we had complied to the regulation and let Kimi back into the lead and taken the lead again, and like I said the answer was "yes".
    But it is for the stewards to decide, so hopefully looking at the facts they will come to the same conclusion." (ITV)
  10. Hamilton penalised, Massa handed win

    Lewis Hamilton has had his Belgian Grand Prix victory overturned by the stewards, handing the win to title rival Felipe Massa, who finished second on the road.

    Hamilton was given a 25-second penalty for cutting the Bus Stop chicane during his wheel-to-wheel battle for the lead with Kimi Raikkonen during the closing laps.

    With 25 seconds added to his race time, Hamilton has dropped to third in the classification behind BMW Sauber�s Nick Heidfeld.

    The decision brings about a six-point swing in Massa's favour in the championship standings, reducing Hamilton's lead from eight to two points. (ITV)
  11. Massa inherits Belgian win after Hamilton penalised

    Ferrari?s Felipe Massa has been declared the winner of Sunday?s Belgian Grand Prix after McLaren? Lewis Hamilton was handed a 25-second time penalty following the race. Hamilton drops to third as a result, with BMW Sauber?s Nick Heidfeld moving up to second place.

    Hamilton was penalised after stewards decided he had gained an advantage by cutting the final chicane in his late-race battle with Ferrari?s Kimi Raikkonen.

    The decision means that rather than extending his championship lead over Massa, Hamilton now sees it cut, with the Brazilian trailing the Briton by just two points, 76 to 74, with five races remaining. (Formula1.com)
  12. so, doesn�t this change everything as for the guessing game?!
  13. here´s the official race classifcation by the FIA:
  14. as for the PC1 it makes

    12 pts. - BMW.Williams
    10 pts. - Ferrari
    8 pts. - Toro Rosso
    7 pts. - McLaren-Mercedes
    6 pts. - Renault
    1 pt. - Red Bull Racing

    and still no pts. for anyone here
  15. calling the ENGINEER to fix the rest
  16. mmmm... so this round has significantly trimmed down my lead.

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