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  1. Yup!
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  3. Srsly Fezzazi should've called one of their cars in.

    What happened to Heikki? Finnish disease?
  4. now that was racing, great final (even though it is under investigation by the stewards of the race)
  5. Heidfeld got 3rd like that. I hate hamilton so much, I was just hoping he'd hit a painted line and massa would win
  6. Lewis Hamilton described the closing laps of the Belgian Grand Prix as �incredibly tough� after he claimed an astonishing victory at Spa-Francorchamps.

    The championship leader had looked set to have to settle for second place to Ferrari rival Kimi Raikkonen after losing the lead after spinning in greasy track conditions on the second lap.

    But after closing right up on the Finn in the closing laps, a rain shower created havoc for the field and set up a thrilling dice for the lead with just over two laps to go.

    After surviving a clash with Raikkonen at the Bus Stop, before retaking the lead, spinning again and then coming through to win all in the space of three laps, Hamilton was delighted the cards fell in his favour after a frantic final stint.

    "It was an experience and a half," he said. "I could see Kimi ahead and after the second pit stop he was so far ahead and I was thinking how �did he make such a gap?�, but I did get stuck in traffic.
    So I was just pushing and pushing to try and close that gap and I was catching maybe one tenth a lap but then he would pull out a little bit of time.
    Then I was relying on traffic and sometimes he caught it on the straights and I got a tow and then sometimes I caught it in mid-sector and lost time � it was a bit mix and match.
    I was just praying �please rain� as I wanted the rain to come as I knew how to deal with it.
    The heavens opened a little bit and I saw Kimi begin to back off and brake a lot earlier than he did normally into turn eight, and that is where I knew the fight was on.
    When I went into turn 12 I was going really wide and [Nico] Rosberg had spun and was coming back onto the track exactly where I was going off so I nearly crashed into the side of him.
    Kimi nearly did the same, I went over the grass, Kimi spun on the exit of that corner and then it was pretty straightforward from there.
    But it was incredibly tough, I lost all the temperature from the tyres but it was great."

    Hamilton�s incident with Raikkonen at the Bus Stop came under investigation from the stewards after the race after the Briton ran across the escape road after the two cars appeared to touch.

    The Briton believes his rival did not give him enough room, making the only sensible opinion for him to cut the chicane to avoid an accident.

    "To be honest he pushed me wide," he said. "I was a little bit ahead and I was on the outside and he could have been fair because I had no room and he basically pushed we to the point where I had either been on the kerb and crashed into him or been on the escape route.
    So I went on the escape route and I understood I had to let him past and I let him past.
    But then I got in his tow and he was ducking and diving, left and right, and I did the same and managed to get back to the inside of him.
    Then he hit me at the apex of the corner, but I was pretty much gone from three which was good."

    Had the race stayed dry, then Hamilton may have been left to rue his mistake on the second lap at the race when he spun at La Source after morning rain had made the track slippery to start the race.

    This allowed Raikkonen to get a run on him up the hill and pass him for the lead before Les Combes and Hamilton admitted the conditions had made for a tricky opening series of laps.

    "I made a good start and I was feeling comfortable," he said. "The difficulties were where the bits of the track that were still wet, like turn one and the last corner.
    It was all a bit unknown so I went into turn one and I think the last downshift it just locked the rears � it was a pretty pathetic spin but I could do nothing about it.
    Luckily they [Ferraris] were not close to so I just pulled the clutch and went as quick as possible and stayed ahead of him, but he got me on the straight."

    Hamilton's victory means he increases his championship advantage by two to eight points over Ferrari Felipe Massa with just five races remaining, while Raikkonen's late crash means he slips 23 off the pace. (ITV)
  7. Felipe Massa admitted he was satisfied to come away from Spa-Francorchamps with second place and little damage to his championship challenge after spending the whole race behind his chief rivals.

    The Brazilian was unable to challenge either McLaren's race-winning Lewis Hamilton or Ferrari team-mate Kimi Raikkonen for the victory after being overtaken by Raikkonen for second place on the opening lap.

    But after profiting from his team-mate�s late crash during the rain shower to inherit second place behind Hamilton, Massa says he just wanted to ensure he brought his car home in the treacherous closing laps to bag an important eight points.

    "To be honest I was slower [in the closing laps] than I wanted to be because I saw many people going off, especially Kimi, and Lewis was a little bit in front and I thought I don�t want to risk eight points because eight points is eight points.
    So I was quite comfortable going very slow through the corners as it was really, really damp.
    I was just comfortable in the third place during the whole race and it was pretty difficult to catch those guys as all three of us were doing very similar lap times.
    And then I settled for second place after it came to me."

    Hamilton's victory means he increases his advantage over Massa by two points to eight with five races remaining, but given how the race panned out the Ferrari driver was still content with his result.

    "I am very pleased with the race," he said. "The championship is still open and we are going to fight race by race to close the gap and maybe pass Lewis."

    Massa�s bid for the victory faded after being passed by Raikkonen on the long run up to Les Combes on the first lap, with the Finn robustly making the move stick by forcing his team-mate towards the grass.

    Massa says he knew it was inevitable Raikkonen was going to pass him after he overestimated how tricky Eau Rouge would be to navigate, so was slightly missed as to why his team-mate felt the need to put such a forceful move on him.

    "I made a mistake at the start because I thought Eau Rouge was wetter than it was, so I slowed down too much through there � it was just a mistake," he said. �[Then] Kimi was so quick he was going to pass me anyway and then he decided to close the line and we almost touched wheel-to-wheel.
    It was a little bit strange as he was going to pass me as he was already much quicker.
    But he passed me anyway." (ITV)
  8. Hamilton got penalized. Massa is the winner of the race.
  9. Formula 1 is now dead to me.
  10. Hamilton penalised, Massa handed win

    Lewis Hamilton has had his Belgian Grand Prix victory overturned by the stewards, handing the win to title rival Felipe Massa, who finished second on the road.

    Hamilton was given a 25-second penalty for cutting the Bus Stop chicane during his wheel-to-wheel battle for the lead with Kimi Raikkonen during the closing laps.

    With 25 seconds added to his race time, Hamilton has dropped to third in the classification behind BMW Sauber?s Nick Heidfeld.

    The decision brings about a six-point swing in Massa's favour in the championship standings, reducing Hamilton's lead from eight to two points. (ITV)
  11. Massa inherits Belgian win after Hamilton penalised

    Ferrari�s Felipe Massa has been declared the winner of Sunday�s Belgian Grand Prix after McLaren� Lewis Hamilton was handed a 25-second time penalty following the race. Hamilton drops to third as a result, with BMW Sauber�s Nick Heidfeld moving up to second place.

    Hamilton was penalised after stewards decided he had gained an advantage by cutting the final chicane in his late-race battle with Ferrari�s Kimi Raikkonen.

    The decision means that rather than extending his championship lead over Massa, Hamilton now sees it cut, with the Brazilian trailing the Briton by just two points, 76 to 74, with five races remaining. (Formula1.com)
  12. it took a while
  13. The penalty was justified.
  14. Yeah, I know, But now it finally happened.
  15. LOL! Yeah, right.
  16. Elaborate.
  17. Well, Kimi's out of the race anyways.

    All in all, that was a planned cheap move.
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  20. Belgian GP - Massa wins, Hamilton penalised, Raikkonen crashes

    Spa-Francorchamps, 7th September - Felipe Massa was the only Ferrari driver to see the chequered flag at the end of a Belgian Grand Prix that saved most of its excitement for the final handful of laps. The Brazilian Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro driver was classified second at first, but inherited the win, as Lewis Hamilton, first past the flag was given a penalty for passing Raikkonen by cutting the chicane, which drops him to third behind second placed Nick Heidfeld. Kimi Raikkonen had made a brilliant start in his F2008 from fourth on the grid, to swallow up Kovalainen, his team-mate Massa and pole man Hamilton by lap 2. From then on, the man who has won the last three races here controlled the race, only losing the lead during the two pit stop runs. However, with a couple of laps remaining, rain threw the race into confusion and in a controversial move, Hamilton cut the chicane to go into the lead. Shortly after that, trying to regain the lead, the Ferrari man spun and ended his race in the barrier. Hamilton still heads the Drivers' classification but is now only 2 points ahead of Felipe. Ferrari still heads the Constructors' championship, as the series heads to Monza next weekend for the Italian Grand Prix.

    It had rained on and off throughout the morning and the majority of cars went out onto the grid on rain tyres, but with the clouds moving off, the switch to dry weather rubber began before the start, with Felipa Massa in second place alongside pole sitter, Lewis Hamilton and Kimi Raikkonen in the other F2008 lining up behind his team-mate, with Heikki Kovalainen in the second McLaren-Mercedes as his neighbour. All runners were on the softer of the two types of tyre, apart from Piquet's Renault that was fitted with the harder ones.

    Hamilton got a good start from pole, but Felipe was a bit slow away, allowing Kimi, who had got the better of Kovalainen, to pass him on the straight, with Bourdais briefly fourth before being passed Alonso. Kimi was flying and took the lead, while Kovalainen spun at La Source hairpin.

    After five of the 44 laps had been completed, Kimi led Hamilton by 1.1 seconds with Felipe 3.5 behind the Englishman. Fourth was Alonso, followed by Bourdais, Webber, Kubica, Kovalainen, Piquet and Heidfeld completing the top ten. Eleventh was Vettel, followed by Glock, Rosberg, Trulli, Barrichello, Sutil, Coulthard, Button and Nakajima. Fisichella was last. On lap 9, Kovalainen and Vettel both moved up a place to seventh and tenth respectively.

    Out in front, Hamilton was 1.2 behind Kimi and Massa was 5.5 behind in third. Kovalainen's charge up the order after his spin got a set back when he tried to go down the inside of Webber, spinning the Australian around. The Finn was given a drive-through penalty for causing the accident. Hamilton was the first to pit, stopping for 6.8 seconds on lap 11 and Kimi came in next time round, for a 7.1 stop. Felipe came in on lap 13 (7.6 seconds.) Bourdais pitted from second place on lap 15, coming out just ahead of Kubica who had also come in on the same lap. Vettel was the last of the leading bunch to refuel on lap 17, so that one lap later the order was now, Kimi, 5.7 ahead of Hamilton, Felipe in third at a distance of 9.5 from his team-mate, followed by Alonso, Bourdais, Kubica, Vettel and Heidfeld in the last of the points scoring postions, eighth. Kimi then put in a fastest race lap to extend his advantage to 6.1s.

    The two leaders made their final pit stops together on lap 25, the McLaren man's marginally shorter than the Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro driver, but Kimi was still ahead, although Felipe was the temporary race leader. Alonso brought his Renault in from fourth place on lap 27 and Felipe came in next time round, stopping for 7.9. The meant the Kimi was back at the head of the field, but his lead over Hamilton had been reduced to 2.4 and then 1.9 on lap 29, with Felipe 4.1 further back in third, all three of them now doing the obligatory race stint on the harder Bridgestone tyre. Bourdais pitted from fourth on lap 32, while the gaps between the top three barely changed as the race came down to its final ten laps. Kubica came in on lap 33 as did Vettel, the German overtaking the Pole, by beating him out of pit lane.

    So with ten laps to go the order was Kimi still leading, with a 2.2 advantage over Hamilton, while Felipe trailed by 3.3. Alonso was fourth and with Bourdais and Vettel fifth and sixth respectively in the Toro Rosso cars, it meant Ferrari had four engines in the top six.

    With 6 laps remaining a few drops of rain began to fall, but not enough to require rain tyres and one lap later the gaps at the front were 0.9 between Kimi and Hamilton, with Felipe 6 behind, but comfortably 33.5 ahead of fourth placed Alonso.

    But with two laps to go, Hamilton closed right up to Kimi and got past him but only by cutting across the chicane. Kimi was in front again going past the pits but again Hamilton got ahead. Further down the road, Rosberg was recovering from a spin, Hamilton braked very heavily and Kimi nearly got the upper hand again, but moments later, the Finn spun off and his race ended in the barriers. He was classified eighteenth.

    The McLaren man was first past the flag, followed by Felipe and the BMW of Nick Heidfeld, who had stopped to change onto intermediate rain tyres. Also adopting this tactic was Alonso and it helped the Renault man to move up to fourth, ahead of Vettel and Kubica who both managed to get ahead of Bourdais, who suffered the most of this group in the difficult conditions. The remaining point went to Timo Glock until he was penalised for overtaking under yellow flags, handing the point to Mark Webber. Then Hamilton was penalised by the Stewards which handed the victory to Felipe. (Ferrari)
  21. At the time of the incident, Kimi was leading the race. Hamilton got a very clear advantage by cutting the chicane.
  22. Eh, He was forced of the track by Kimi......
  23. I don't know if he cut the chicane by force or by plan, but his jump on Kimi after he "pretended" to back out was what I thought should be penalized. IMO he should be removed from the race.
  24. Proof if any were needed that F1 is run by a bunch of corrupt wankers, their bias is just so painfully obvious.
  25. So penalties should only be given depending on the race results?

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