F360 > This crap

Discussion in '2010 Ferrari 458 Italia' started by ETB4U, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. F430> This crap too
  2. kill your self,thats better
  3. .
  4. Everyone else > you

    you are a #$%#ing retard
  5. Crap?? A 4.5L V8 with 100bhp more than the F430 & 200+mph! What more do you want???
  6. You're a dumbass.
  7. A body that isn't fugly.
  8. You're a Mexican dumbass. Which means you're equally as stupid, twice as smelly, and four times as lazy.
  9. This car is epic, 360
  10. haha etb4u. awesome comeback
    anyway, this car does at least look like crap.
    the performance is great, but that same old argument persists: sacrifice looks for speed?
  11. I don't see any sacrifice on looks, it looks stunning IMO, and will be sure to give the LP560 a royal ass whoopin'
  12. Man, idk what you guys have against the styling of this one, I think it's one of the best modern looking Ferrari's. Plus the performance more than compensates for your bad tastes if you think its ugly. This is how a Ferrari should look and perform.
  13. No, it just shows you're a Prancing Horse nut hugger to think this looks better than the 360.
  14. i don't really like the front fascia, doesn't really work well. doesn't look very Ferrari. the rest of the car is great though.
  15. i wasnt really that fond of the looks when i FIRST saw it, but now its rubbing in, and it actualy looks fantastic! and, this thing will crap on all of its rivals, 570 hp!!! for a little while, i thought the corvette zr1 was the king of its rivals, but this will fricken own the zr1
  16. meh, I'm not really liking the single intake grille, to me it makes the front look bland but the rest of the car looks great, especially the rear.
  17. someone ban etb4u
  18. W..o..w, so that's how strong you feel about this vehicle, right??? That's a crude assumption on someone you probably don't even know. But I bet you whatever you and I drive doesn't even compare to this, which is why you put on this moronathon, to make everyone around you feel lower than you are, based on there's and my opinions.

    BTW, 4.5L 90o V-8 making 570-575bhp @ 9000 rpm and 398.3 ft-ibs. @ 6000 rpm. Power-to-weight ratio is 407.14 bhp/tonne, with extensive usage of F1 technology, for the braking and handling!! But your right Ferrari should listen to you more often, huh?!?!? You are a nieve critic who should leave the "real" work to those who know what their doing.

    Peace Love & Chicken Grease (P.L.& C.G),
    Sam Cool was here!!!

    P.S. You shouldn't quiet your day job, PAL!! Nor even myself for that matter.
  19. O..M..,O..K.., "nut hugger" interesting visualization distasteful, but interesting. But, hey at least him and me have great taste in vehicles, unlike you on the other hand don't when it comes to this car at least. Also, I'm a Prancing Horse "fanatic", what do you have to say to that, my distasteful non-interesting "friend"?? This reminds of the f430s introduction into the public eye some four years ago, remember that??? I bet you do. Oh, btw, how did the f430 and the 360 for the matter do?? If memory serves me correctly they outstandingly did well with us, r...i...g...h...t???

    S.....O....., what dose that make you a so called "SUPERCAR Expert?!?!?" I don't think so, M.F.C!!


    Sam Cool
  20. Brilliantly and masterfully done. Ferrari out did themselves with this one.

    Absolutely love the voluptuous body lines and overall craftsmanship.
  21. i think it looks great and somtimes performance. anybody thought of how these looks have effect in wind tunnels.
  22. this car might not look like a normal ferrari but change is good sometimes. i think the new looks may also be for the wind tunnel.
  23. idk, ferrari might be loosing it a little, this 458 isnt exactly a looker, the back is way to square, those HORRIBLE TAILIGHTS definately dont look good, and the front is a bit ugly with those headlight vents, ferrari was going the right way with the f430, but then the 599 and 612 just ruined it. the california is the only truely beautiful new ferrari. the 599 looks great from the back and has a great side profile, but the front just doesnt work. the perfect entry level ferrari would have the back of the 360 with the front of the f430. dont get me wrong, i loooove ferraris, they are my favorite car company, but that are just might be turning into a was. one of the main reasons i like ferraris is the looks, they just look so much better then any other cars, especialy lambos, but this new series just doesnt quite make it for me.
  24. Those tailights ARE a bit gaudy, but Ferrari is into nostalgia as much as anyone else. They are from the Enzo those tailights are.
  25. Those tailights ARE a bit gaudy, but Ferrari is into nostalgia as much as anyone else. They are from the Enzo those tailights are.

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