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  1. the first post starts "Michael Schumacher for AutoBild (1994)"
  2. Really?
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  6. helmet class
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    For a long time I'm looking info about road accident with Michael Schumacher in his yellow Bugatti EB110. That happened in the late 90th I beliew.

    Here the quote from interview in Autoweek ( http://autoweek.com/article/car-news/taming-schu-interview-michael-schumacher)

    "Which road cars do you drive now?

    MS: Surprisingly, Ferraris.

    What happened to your Bugatti EB110 that spun out when you were giving rides in it years ago?

    MS: Faded on brakes, yeah. It caused some uh, what do you call that, “laundry” issue with my [passenger]. (laughs) I sold it a long time ago."

    I've even remember the image in German magazine (Auto Motor und Sport?) with that crash... But now I have not that magazine...

    So guys I kindly ask you for help. Does anybody remember which magazine image was published? Or any other stories/images about that crash?

    Any info would be helpful.
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    The same post on another site from August 2009


    You're desperate for info aren't you? lol
  9. I recall this test, as it was directly copy/pasted (and translated) into Dutch AutoWeek that year, such a good issue
  10. I will choose F40 for track,EB110 for looks,Xj220 for straight line.

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