fast and furious car yes???

Discussion in '1993 Mazda RX-7 JM1FD' started by locoako786, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this wud be dom's or don's (or whatever the #$%# the guys name was) car eh? looks pretty shitty to me<!-- Signature -->
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    This is not **itty! Japanese cars are high quality! Face it. This car is the opposite of **itty, or the opposite of GM. Same thing.
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    if you can give me one good reason that this car is shitty, with the exeption of " its a jap piece of shit", then i will be impressed cause so far no one has been able to complete this difficult task.........

    good luck
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    i own a dodge dart.
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    my rotary will crush your v8
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    no wunda ur banned.
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    FOR one You dont know what your talkin about. For two Dont Come in here hatin. For three thiz car can smoke most of the carz on the road. I would like to know what you drive!! I'm bettin a honda of a Stang 5.0. Either way I know you dont have any thing that i would even give the time of day too. You need to learn what a performance car iz and stop bein' a fool. AND PLEASE DONT COME IN HERE HATIN ON A CAR THAT U OBIOUSLY DONT KNOW ANY THING ABOUT!! GET A LIFE AND DO SOME RESEARCH!!!
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    my friend has a 95 tt, and any1 who talks bad about these cars doesn't quite know what they're talkin about. it's really quick. like i'd say it could probably take most things with i dunno 75-100 more hp depending on how they're geared. some1 in another thread said they have poor weight distribution. like there's not an equal amount in the back. i'd believe that. i was ridin with my friend and the ass end of the car swung out on us doin 60 on a very sharp off ramp. but really, a light rear is an easy thing to compensate for. just take off the gas and steer to where you wanna go. steer to where the ass end of the car is tryin to go in other words. not a hard problem to solve.
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    You have very nice wordz thankz. But yes an Rx-7 has perfect 50/50 weight distribution stock now remimber addin a big turbo is addin a lil bit of weight. So with modz it might be a lil off but nothin that noticable. I dont think i have ever driven a can that handled better then and Rx-7 but i know a Porshe iznt far behind.
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    I am not saying this car is shitty, but it does have cooling problems after you tune it to more than about 400 hp. That is the only drawback I can think of, but it is still a nice car.
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    Yes, it is like the one in F&F except it is red and has a veilside bodykit.
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    The 95TT has 50/50 weight distribution, or extremely close to it. However, it does oversteer when pushed far too hard into a corner. My dad takes his Rx7 into a curving 25mph onramp at 80+ regularly, and while the car doesn't exactly feel settled, it's not all over the place.

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