Favorite dribbling shoe

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  1. what shoe do you wear when you're on "the court" with "your boys"

    shootin some hoops.

    heey i'm open pass it 2 me (nobody ever does) .. going 444444 a slam dunk *misses net completely* check out my 3 pointer *ball hits bottom of net* but i can dribble *travels for a few seconds, then when dribbles, ball hits foot and goes out*

    i love the big game
  2. Iah, the White/Cement Jordan 4s are probably the best looking basketball shoe ever made.
  3. I was playing football with my nephew the other day and he had an asthma attack <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Still, 10-nil *goooal*

    credit: harry hill
  4. the big man....
    HASS the rock
  5. oh man, lih'd all over
  6. 3 white guys enter the basketball court
    start bouncing basketball
    pretend to "practice"
    one guy takes a shot, misses
    nobody gets rebound
    one guy says "i'll get it" *runs to get ball*
    repeat for about 10 minutes
  7. 4th white guy walks into gym, but all courts are taken
    looks around for a little bit
    gathers courage and walks up to a gang of "black people" playing
    *staring at ground*
    *whispering tone*
    "can I...can I join too?"
    *walks towards door*
    "ah well, I forgot my sweat bands at home, couldn't have played anyway"
  8. dead, can't beat that
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  11. back when we understood athleticwear
  12. damn straight

    Although basketball is a horseshit game anyway.
  13. lol here we go
  14. here we go...

    all over your face
  15. Kinda similar to soccer if you think about it
  16. Actually, now that you mention it... they're exactly the same!
  17. except soccer players have gay sex and basketball players murder gay people it's exactly the same sport
  18. i actuallyneed new basketball shoes for when i go shootin some loopies
    i get whatever nikes are on sale at finishline for about 60
  19. its good to get cheaper shoes (for me, as a white person) then I can blame the equipment for my own inability to play ball sports.
  20. no i get em cheaper cuz im poor and cuz they wear out in a year anyway
    should i post the (hilarious) along came polly MAKE IT RAIN scene or is that played i feel like last time you were the only one that clicked cuz it was directed at you
  21. i lol'd
  22. well i'm white (rich) so I wasn't talking about you..

    I only play technical sports with expensive gear and high barriers to entry (makes me feel good).

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