Ferrari 512m v Ferrari 550

Discussion in '1994 Ferrari F512 M' started by SuperSonic, Aug 9, 2002.

    WHICH IS BETTER ? AND WHY ???<!-- Signature -->
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    These are two Giant Cars <IMG SRC="">!!! But which do you prefer ??<!-- Signature -->
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    The 512 M is the best mid motor Ferrari ever built. The 550 is very luxurious and has a better handling....itŽs the every day supercar<!-- Signature -->
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    Maranello is an incredibly supercar: quattroruote made a test, maranello Vs F512m, on circuit of Vairano, quattroruote's circiut: maranello's best lap was 1'23"5, 512's best lap was app. 1'26"5: 3 sec!! Lateral G: Maranello app. 1.09g, 512 app. 1.04. Maranello is almost perfect, 512 is "pura e dura"!!!
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    They are both nice cars. THe 512M has more of an exotic look to it though. THe 550 is easier to handle in the city becuase it has power assisted rack and pinion but this car is better on the track i dont care what other people think the 512M is better than the 550
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    IF the 512m is fitted with a 6 speed gearbox,lighter clutch and shift
    (the same system as the 550),I think this car will be faster than
    the 550.Remember It's a mid engine ferrari and it's much lighter
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    Maranello. It's more powerful, faster, and looks better if you ask me.
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    I think that I would go for the f512 because it's a bit faster and lighter, but the 550 looks a lot better if you ask me.
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    I changed my mind on what some guy said which is that the 550 is quicker I feel it would be nicer to live with on a daily basis too. 512 is more striking to look at but the 550 imo is better.<!-- Signature -->
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    i will go for the 550 without thinking it twice, it is newer and ferrari has progressed a lot in the last few years and has made better cars so ill say that this is one of them, i love the 512 alot toooooo

    ferrari #1
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    you guys should compare the 512M and the 575M, coming from someone who has driven both(well not te 512M, i drove the 512tr), i personally like the 575M better because of the handling and it's a more relaxed feel, it's all about what you like, try them both, they are both amazing<!-- Signature -->
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    The 512 is sweet and has that exotic Ferrari feel to it, but I'm partial to the Maranello because it just blew me away when it first came out. I'll take both.<!-- Signature -->
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    Ilove the 512M,so i gotta take it's side

    If the 550 was going against a 512tr,the 550,but it's not
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    Both nice cars but,I have to go with the F512M because it's a Mid-Engined car and it looks more exotic.
    BUt I like the 550 Maranello also.
    I would just always pick mid-engine over front anyday,lol!
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    512M for me because it's Midengined,it's flat(not v)12 sounds magical
    and I just prefer midengine over front,unless it was a ridiculous comparison like(Toyota) MR2 vs. 550 Maranallo for example,then I would pick the front engined(550 Maranallo) car.
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    I'd take this car, because of a number of reasons:

    1) Styling- This car, in my eyes, looks much sexier and curvy than any 550 or 575. I like the early 90's style.

    2) Engine- Oh, the big V-12 for me any day! I've heard a Testarossa, and the engine purrs and growls like a wild cat. It is smooth and defined in power and torque; the thing's a rocket!

    3) Background- You know that luxury-race breeding made the 512M a monster. It's light and uncomplicated, and yet it's not pure metal -- it's got the luxury side, too!

    4) Value- This thing has lower production numbers than the 550 Barchetta Pininfarina, and that's going for over $350k nowadays. I bet when this car hits collectors status, it'll be worth about the same as the F40, if not more.

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