Ferrari 550 question

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  1. Such a hot car.
  2. it actually siphons off the passion of the car in front of it, thereby increasing its own passion so much that it randomly bursts into flames.....oh wait, i thought that said 599 question, my bad
  3. Transaxle cooler duct, I think.
  4. transmission cooling?
  5. makes sense. thanks

    im surprised they left it asymmetrical like that
  6. beauty doesnt have to be symmetrical
    just like a great pair of tits or a vagina, they arent always exactly symmetrical
  7. where the #$%# did YOU come from?!
  8. Obiviously a non-symmetrical vagina.
  10. 550 etc has a transaxle, hence the need for the duct
  11. rear differential cooling
  12. #$%# the 430gt I want to take picture of those god damnit <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. I love that asymmetry, same with the LP640. It's a great detail.
  14. Brakes? I dunno / don't care.
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    "Two other interesting features were tested on this car. In the first, a system of air ducting was installed to duct air from an intake on the right rear (matching the transaxle cooler on the left side) down and around the fuel tank to provide fuel cooling."
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    now we know exactly, thanks
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    Pure PASSION
  18. I assume they are ducts for air to go.
  19. Great work detective
  20. The 550/575 and 356 are beautiful pieces of passion.
  21. best post of the week.

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