Ferrari Enzo vs. BMW M5

Discussion in '2002 Ferrari Enzo' started by Archaeopteryx, May 13, 2004.

  1. The BMW only has 160hp less, its way more practical, it has four doors, it has electric window openers, it does not cost as much, you can have all your luggage in the back, etc etc...

    so, which would you have, the Enzo or the BMW. and no, you could not sell the car, it would be for life. i'd go for the BMW...

    just a thought

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    Ferrari Enzo vs. BMW M5

    The Enzo was built with one purpose in mind...performance, not luggage space, not practicality. On the track the Enzo wouldn’t even break a sweat with the M5
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    yeah, i know... ;-P... but still, which car would you have?

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    Ferrari Enzo vs. BMW M5

    Considering my main concern with cars is performance..I think the choice is simple, Enzo
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    ok then... as i said, i'd go for the BMW because its more of a everyday car and its still fast enough for me...
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    Why? Take the Enzo, sell it for bout a million (i seriously think thats possible) then buy your self a massive new house with a garage that could hold five of your new M5s.
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    i know you could sell, but if you'd read the comparison, you'd know that you'd have to have one of these cars FOR LIFE...
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    the enzo. no one stops what they're doing to watch a m5 go by.
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    i do.
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    I was in Maranello (Ferrari base) over spring break and there were Ferrari's everywhere, it was snowing out and I saw they were still driving Enzo's down the road.hahhah (4 enzo's, 2 612 scag's, 7 360's) I guess the mechanics at Ferrari have to test drive them to make sure they are perfect but an Enzo in the snow?!?!?!?!?!??
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    Yes you colud, you could actually sell an Enzo for like 2 million.
  12. enzo

    not for life there must be something better in the next ten years
  13. I'll go with the M5, because you can scare 2 or 3 extra passengers at one time over the ferrari and they wouldn't see it coming.
  14. Is this a joke? Enzo, obviously.
  15. ENZO ANYDAY pleeeease a audi rs4 can take the m5! come on what do u think u'd look more pimp in, a enzo, or a bmw m5. the new 2005 m5 is niiiice but still the enzo :D
  16. I'm still trying to get over that fact that the new M5 has 7 gears!!!! #@$%ing eh!!
  17. Yes I would take an ENZO any day. But for everyday driving id giveit to the M5. It all depends on what you want to use it for. The BMW would be kool b/c it's more practical and it's fast so you can smoke people that try to take you on.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  18. tell me, you are kidding right? you would actually pick an M5 over the enzo? holy shit....
  19. The comments here are obviously anti-supercars. the comparison itself borders on the ridicule! An M5 and an Enzo have been made for totally different purposes. its almost like comparing a Mercedes AMG with a Porsche Carrera GT. the aim here is not to provide luggage space or comfort but the thrill of performannce. the M5 is nowhere near the performance levels of the Enzo , which of course, is the best ever for any production car around a racetrack. the M5 would trail by miles around any track or a dragstrip. of course, if necessary, u can fi a turbocharger if u would want to in an M5 and still huff and puff to keep up with the Enzo's pace. if u want practicality, the m5 is better but there r many like me who donot want it and the enzo is for those people. this topic, as i see it , is only the expression of an obscure comparison.
  20. Yes, it is a Ferrari's policy, to ensure all their cars are running perfectly in ALL conditions. And they're not stopping just because of the snow... Besides, who knows if you're driving your Enzo (you'd wish...) in Monte Carlo and it starts snowing? You mignt as well be sure it is running perfectly (as they always do...).
    The only source of accident in a Ferrari is the part that stands between the seat and the steering wheel.
  21. WTF?
    Worst comparison ever.
  22. this comparison is rediculous. you could have a M5 which you see ever day 10 times a day or you could have a ferrari enzo which will be a legend for the rest of time. and id like to mention the price difference of like of almost 600 000 dollars. im not saying an M5 isnt an unbeleivable car that id die to own but it really comes nowhere close to the enzo.
  23. Simple, The Enzo. Sell it. Buy whatever you want :D
  24. First let me compliment BMW's absession with having to have the fastest sedan on earth. They can live if the vette takes the M3 but the new e55 AMG pissed BMW's engineers off. And they respnded "oh yeah, we'll drop a v10 and seven speed trany like are f1 cars have in it". This simply is not the direction that Ferrari would go. But the quattroporte sedan by maserati would send BMW in mourning if they opted to fit it with the 575's 515 hp v12. Oh the enzo is light-years ahead in performace from the m5.
  25. I guess the M5. It has to be at least a little bit comfortable, and I'm sure I could slap some softer springs on there to help it on that count.

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