Ferrari F70 caught testing.

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by SuperSonic, Jun 7, 2012.

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  2. You are an idiot.
  3. get your facts straight

    The Aventador has pretty much raped the Enzo on every track, especially the TG one, 1:16.5 vs 1:19.
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  5. ya man the tight streets of Miami

    these guys are probably knocking tenths off their times between the Ron Jon and the Margaritaville by switching to Ferraris
  6. the kid at the Sunoco doesn't like my Lamborghini oh no
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  9. Now I know what to look for in Ferrari or Lamborghini. Thanks Iron Stallion.
  10. I'd be willing to bet that it's closer to 2500 than 3500, especially considering the press over the last few years reporting on Ferrari focusing on weight saving for the Enzo replacement. (Millechili concept etc)
  11. So a car that came out a DECADE ago is beaten by a car that came out this year?

    SHOCK #$%#ING HORROR! You're a retard.
  12. If people are trading them in in Miami because they're fat, bloated, and too wide, it's because it's a pain to live with as a road car. Everything I've read about that car has more or less reflected that claim, but I've heard it's phenomenal on the track. I'd be massively surprised if an Aventador couldn't beat an Enzo around a track.

    Let's face it, most people who buy these cars aren't buying them to be track dogs, they're buying them to putz around town and be seen in them. The 458's double clutch is better than the Lambo's new gearbox and it's less extreme/easier to deal with (and it's cheaper too), so it makes sense that people would buy an Aventador and trade it in on something that fits their lifestyle more.
  13. Thanks for you insight!

    With your documented insider complaints and rabbit's industry experienced report, does it concern you that Ferrari has become a softer, cheaper marque with cars more suitable for cruising the suburban Miami streets than out on the track? That's great about the floatier ride and easier, less-expensive transmission, especially coupled with the better commuter car-like visibility when running errands! Perhaps the GT-R has inspired them to target the small sport crossover segment, which can be good for the family on the go <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I think it is good for Ferrari to adjust with the global economy when your sales and customer base are thinning (something VAG is lucky to not have to deal with, given their success this past decade, top three super car brands et al). The record breaking Aventadore is indeed not for average drivers! That's great that Ferrari makes something more easily accessible to consumers not quite ready for the nurburgring! Do you know Gerry and Colin?

  14. The Aventador is a failure when compared to other supercars drivability. The mechanic told me straight from his mouth its just a show car for looks.

    You'll be very surprised the Enzo #%[email protected] slaps the Aventador. Besides its comparing apples to oranges. AWD 4x4 is cheating and can't be taken serious.

    Oh BTW White Chocolate, you're just upset because Ferrari is laying down new technologies and about to out do Lamborhini at their own game in "the wild LOOK AT ME SPACE SHIP" department. The big difference is the curves, lines and looks will have an actual purpose for driving and not just for silly show for some super hero wanna & ignorant rappers.
  15. "The mechanic told me straight from his mouth its just a show car for looks." I'm sorry, but you talk complete and utter bullshit.

    also #$%#ing lol @ calling AWD cheating. Wow.
  16. I think white chocolate is very ignorant and doesnt know what hes talking about
  17. am i allowed to like both?
  18. It looks to me like the Aventador can stunt at the finish line for a whole 2.5 seconds more than the Enzo. At least on the Top Gear track.

    I also see two Veyrons and a Datsun that are faster than the Enzo!
  19. The mechanic told me this.
  20. But here are SportAuto's Hockenheimring times. They haven't tested the Enzo, but the 458 has been fairly equal (if not better) performing to the Enzo, so take these numbers as you will.
  21. whats the hp/l of the aventadoor
  22. 106.28
  24. how can SLS roadster be faster than a 430 Scuderia?
    is my knowledge of cars totally gone?
  25. kinky

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