First Ferrari folding top? I think not!

Discussion in '2005 Ferrari 575M Super America' started by Blue E36 M3, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Anyone ever seen a 360 Spider? Those too have motors that both affix and stow away the soft-top.
  2. I think it's referring more to the fact that it's a hard top... cuz umm.. yeah, it would be the first to have a true folding "roof" as opposed to just a folding top.
  3. I have to say, this top looks very nice from the pics.
  4. I believe it is refering to the fact that the top doesn't fold it stays in one piece and just flips overtop of the engine bay.
  5. ugh, you're a dumbass
  6. The 575 is a front engined car not a mid engine. So the top rolls back over the truck not the engine bay. This top was shown a few years back on a show car in Europe, and I believe that this is the first use of this new style rotating hardtop in a production car.
  7. Hopefully this image uploads it is of the show car that this top was based on.
  8. The show car was the 2001 Fioravanti Vola Concept the image did not upload. It is in the database.
  9. LOL oops...stupid mistake sorry about calling it the engine bay
  10. The Fioravanti Vola Concept was unveiled at Geneva in 2001.
  11. your signature's hilarious!
  12. not folding top, it says flip top!!!
  13. I think it looks more like the 550 Barchetta with the hardtop on
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  16. Both the Vola and the new SuperAmerica are beautiful cars. Think maybe the top will be able to handle 199mph? The 550 Barchetta's top could only handle 70.
  17. I think all the ferrari models need a face lift. Agree or disagree? Also they should work on the names. Italians!

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