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  1. my aquarium project - updatedjune 26

    6ft huh? Nice, is it like 125gaal?
  2. my aquarium project - updatedjune 26

    closer to 150 i think
    6ft x 2ft x 2ft

    when the say the volume of tanks, do they qoute it as the entire volume - ie filled to the brim, or the amount of water youd realisticly put in it? said tank above would be 180 gallons.
  3. my aquarium project - updatedjune 26

    u have PM
  4. new shots of the tank october 11
  5. Signing in.

    If I had somewhere to put it, I would've bought a 75gal today. Local shop has a full set up, tank, nice stand, etc minus substrate and such for $500.
  6. Currently set up with just a 29g tank in my little ol apartment, just a random assortment of SA cichlids for the time being.

    1 Dempsey, unsure on sexyness, maybe 4" by now
    1 Pink Convicts (had 2, both female), 2.5"
    1 Ruby Empress (male) 4", really pretty, especially early in the morning when the sun sneaks through my window (also had a female, but she died while I was away for Christmas <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> as a result, my male has lost quite a bit of color...)
    1 Firemouth, 2.5" pretty sure its a female.
    1 Flowerhorn, probably female, newest one, probably 2"

    Then a raphael cat and a small pleco for cleanup.
  7. All those cichlids are central american, not south. A quick way to learn by looks what is and is not an SA, is to look for the eye spots. Usually a big black spot at the base of the tail. This is to make them look like the face of a larger fish to deter some of the more aggressive fish in the water, like piranha and such.

    Personally, I prefer the C. Amer. cichlids anyways.

    I love raphael cats, is yours spotted or striped? Either way, both will make a loud sound if you take them out of the water. It's kinda cute, but it's them just gasping.

    That 75gal you saw, did it have an overflow kit in it or was it just a plain tank with no holes in it or anything? I ask because I have a 75 with an overflow that is radical, though not yet set up. And if it did have that kinda setup, that's a pretty decent deal especially if you wanna start a saltwater system.
  8. I thought the Central Americans were lumped with the SAs, guess not.

    The cat is striped, he really surprised me when I moved them from a 10 gal to my current 29. Fins were hard as a rock! He didn't seem squishy at all, which is why the cichlids don't bother them I guess. Don't remember any weirdo sounds though...

    Anyway, it wasn't made for an overflow. Came with one of the big Aqueon hanging filters for 90+gal tanks. I know it isn't an ideal set up, but it was a pretty nice deal. That filter, 300w (I think) heater, basically everything but substrate and decorations.

    Any thoughts on bringing nitrAtes down a little? Mine tested in the 60-80ppm range, which isn't ridiculous, but its a little high from my understanding. Don't think water changes will help much as I just changed 30-40% of the water less than a week ago. Maybe a live plant or two to soak em up?
  9. excuse the date stamps.
  10. baaah, hate adding pics

    Just got the flowerhorn a few days ago, his fins aren't looking the best, but they're getting better. Figure he was just a little stressed in the new tank.
  11. Lets talk about nitrates. How long has the tank been set up?

    Usually, a 1/3 water change every couple weeks is good enough. 1/4 once a week isnt a bad idea, but it's not totally needed.

    Once your biological filter gets up to pace, you will need to change even less water.

    But that is the easiest and safest way to remove nitrates.
  12. Tank has been set-up since August... I think our tap water contains some nitrates, and that's why the water changes aren't making much of a difference. I do use aqua-safe when I make my changes, but I don't really know if it affects nitrate levels or not.
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    If you have a filter with compartments to add various medium, you may want to try this stuff. I have had good luck with it. Just use as directed and it is pretty efficient in freshwater tanks.
  14. So my big (4" tall + fins) koi angelfish died last week. I picked up a super small F1 altum angel. He's smaller than a quarter!!

    Pics laters
  15. Cool!

    I'm sorry to hear about that though.
  16. whats a good website for fish type stuff? im thinking of setting up a 500L-1000L (depending on what size i can get cheap) as a freshwater refrugium. from the limited info i could find, it seems to work fairly sweet as a filter to balance shit out and to remove nitrates - just trim the plants!
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    I'm not sure about for freshwater. I got into fresh before I the internet was as accessible as it is now, so I read. Nowadays, for my saltwater stuff I am all about the forums (reefcentral and nanoreef). I still do a lot of reading though.

    I honestly don't know of a good forum for freshwater.

    Wait, are you talking about a site for buying stuff? cause if so is great, is
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    Girlfriend wasn't happy. That was her fish. Luckily she never saw

    This new altum is a beast. He(she?) is so active. He moves constantly darting back and forth eating everything he can. So it's good the cardinals are bigger than he is.

    Aaron - I've had lots of luck on People on the forums are pretty smart and everyone is helpful
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    nah, just freshwater info sites
  20. What kind of info? Or just general info?
  21. Good question. If you are trying to figure something specific out, I'd love to help you figure it out. I love this kinda stuff. It helps me out as well.
  22. well, first problem is getting rid of my hair algae. as per pic. anything specific i can get to kill it or animal that will eat it?
  23. turns out i cant edit my post?

    anyho, id prefer a method that doesnt physically involve me cutting / pullign it all off.
    it seems to start growing on the glass, as spots with 3-4 strands coming out. there easy enuf to get rid of, but the ones that are tangled in existing plants and shit is a pain in the ass.

    i think it was just bad cause i went away for 6 weeks, cleaned it out, then it got left to its own accord for 5 weeks. it prolly just needs regular scraping to keep it in check
  24. If you can find Amano shrimp or a true Siamese algae eater or a Florida flagfish. All will help in their own way. Depends on what fish you have now and how stocked your tank is. Overstocking will make it worse as well as over feeding.

    Take plants out and clean em good in the sink then plant them back in your substrate. Shrimp and SAE will help control your algae but won't completely help

    So, what's in your tank now? And how big is your tank?
  25. i allready have amano shrimp (about 10 of)

    currently in the tank i have:
    7 neon tetras
    4 black tetras
    2 stop/headlight tetras
    3 Scissor Tail Rasbora
    4 female Siamese Fighters
    5 Chinese algae eaters
    1 snake type thing. donno WTF it is

    most are smallish, less than an inch

    i assume that since my tank is a 110 gal (4x2x2 foot) that im not overstocking. ill have to look into getting some florida flagfish, cause they look pretty sweet to boot. but they're brackish yeah?

    also, ESP:
    freshwater refrugium. do they ever get done? i know saltwater setups use them alot. but i can get a say 500- 1,00L trough for cheap (like 100 bucks) and i can sit it outside, out in natural light and put lights onnit for night, and circulate the water through it, and plant the living shit outta it and put more shrimp and feeder fish innit (for my flatmates perch). increases my water volume, and helps remove nitrates and waste (i believe the principal is that the plants use all the shit and u trim them and turf it to remove the stuff)

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