For the Lightning fans or any doubters

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    Here is an add for the GMC Syclone:

    Part of it reads: "It took less than 5.0 seconds to run 0 to 60 on our test track. And 13.06 seconds in the quarter mile."

    This was a test done by GM with a stock Syclone. I do realize that this was done with a profesional driver in the most perfect conditons so for the average joe to run a 13.0 1/4 mile probably isnt going to happen. However low 13's are by no means out of the question.

    Twelve years later and it's still one hell of a truck!
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    If you take a stock lightning you can get 0-60 times of 4.6 if you know how to drive it. by the way, there is no way that this can go 0-60 in less than 5 seconds. There is a lot more to being a super car than going in a straight line. Chevy has yet to realize this and its why there corvettes get their asses kick on the track.(not the C5-R, since its so far from being stock)
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    A stock Lightning with drag slicks i'm sure.
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    Okay, so I can see you are a "bit" biased towards Fords which makes you fairly closed minded, IMO.

    The truth is any trained chimp can launch the GMC Syclone from 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.

    Yes, the Syclone is a truck, but was engineered to handle fairly well out of the box considering the limited amount of R&D put into the suspension, but the AWD and wide tire patch helps make up for a lot of it. GM didn't want to repeat the Grand National, a car that has decent acceleration, but not the greatest handling.

    I will agree, it doesn't handle as well as the Cobra R.

    Before you start bashing the Syclone because it is a truck and a GM product or any other automobile because it's not a Ford, maybe you should drive them first???

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    What a moron, it takes a 60,000 dollar cobra r, custom made by ford to ba able to beat a stock ZO6, thats not saying much, and I dont believe that a zo6 is getting beat by all those cars you have listed, why dont we mod some of the zo6s a little bit, superchargers, bigger brakes, suspension parts, a few other things and then who will be in the back?

    Also, a lowered well built syclone will out handle alot of cars, put a sway bar on the back, yes, they did not even come with one and it pulled something like .86gs stock, so a few suspension mods and it will handle well, there was a guy that got one to pull 1.01 gs on the skidpad, so you might want to rethink some of the things you write.
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    hey before u get all cocky with ur saleens and roushes why dont you compare the lingenfelter vettes to them, and since u compare the supercharged saleen why noth the tt vette, or wait did you ever see that 2000- 2500 -6.0l lingenfelter silverdo with about,... oh what was it, 700hp,710lbft, yeah why dont u read some of the old trucktrend magazines, then bash a gm trucks thats are made for performance.
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    "there is no way that this can go 0-60in less than 5 seconds"
    hahaha. I am not going to spout out stats on any saleen because I dont know anything about them other than they are fast. Please, dont tell us something the Trucks can or can not do if you have no clue.
  8. the lightning is not even comparable in a race to a syclone maybe to a typhoon but not a syclone. and ford sucks it always has and always will the cobra can barely keep up with a new vette and the vette is just motor, no supercharger, if chevy decided to add a supercharger it would smoke the cobra going in reverse.
  9. I would liek to Post that i have a 1992 GMC Syclone #109 black/grey .... and for all you dumbass Ford people out there i have raced 4 lightnings in my life and i have beat 3 and lost to 1 .... i have track times and a dyno to prove that my Syclone...completely stock except an Eibach Lowering Kit.. goes 0-60 in 4.7 and does the quarter in 12.9 ... i will buy a scanner and upload them if you like ... and quoting MR "The Roush Stage 3, The Saleen 281-E, and The 2000 Cobra R, keeping Chevy and its muscle cars where they the dust." is a dumbass ... ill say it again your are a complete moron .. how can you say that those can beat vettes ... if you wanna use a supercharger or turbo on a vette then thats fair right? how about using the Calloway Sledgehammer corvette ? you stupid ass ... what next are you gonna use next a Dragster? admit your Fords BLOW HARD
  10. My bad you are talking about the syclone I'm talking about the typhoon.
  11. Any stock Syclone or Typhoon in stock trim will pull a 60 foot time of 1.6 seconds. Find me a car for under $20k that can out launch these trucks!
  12. Actually closer to 1.8 60' times are more reasonable for a stock Sy/Ty. Still dam quick for a stock truck.

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