Ford fusion becomes best selling American car

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by GT40 2, Nov 12, 2009.

  1. Since its face-lift for the 2010 model year the Fusion has enjoyed a record breaking year in sales – and now the Fusion has become the top-selling domestic car in America.

    The Ford Fusion has been on the market since its debut five years ago, but only recently has it gained significant attention from both media and consumers alike. The 2010 Ford Fusion boasts best-in-class fuel economy for each respective drivetrain (4 cylinder, V6, and hybrid).

    It is likely the combination of class-leading fuel economy and freshened styling that have propelled the Ford Fusion to a year-to-date sales total of 151,137 units – a personal best that beats the 2007 full-year record handily.

    In addition to a personal best in sales, the Fusion can now lay claim to being the best-selling car (not including trucks) in America. Ford is also enjoying a high conquest rate with the Fusion with more than 60 percent of Ford Fusion Hybrid buyers coming from import brands like Toyota and Honda.

    Ford’s Fusion Marketing Manager Jonathan Richards said, “Fusion Hybrid, Sport, and SEL models account for 50 percent of sales.” This high rate of sales for loaded models has likely helped to push Ford to report its first profit since the first quarter of 2005 during the last quarter.
  2. great looking (better than the accord, camry, mazda6) imo.
  3. Best car in its class
  5. i like the leaves in the hybrid one
  6. nice daily driver
  7. It's good. I don't know that it's my favorite in the segment though.
  8. I'd be curious to see the racial demographic of these sales; I've seen more blacks than whites driving this car.
  9. thankfully, the only cars you see black in here are police cars.
  10. Lot of black cops in your area or something?
  11. I really liked the look of them when I was in USA. Although my friend thought it was fugly.
    Sooo hmmm. I think I do like them better than the Mondeo.
  12. Im probably going to buy one next year.
    A V6 hopefully, since the 4 cylinder is nice but a little slow.
  13. The Accord is better, but not $7000 better.
  14. I want the hybrid version. Not exactly a pretty car, still way better looking than the turd-like Prius.
  15. The best hybrid for the money.
  16. Whats this based on? Is it the old 500s volvo platform or something smaller?
  17. HAHAHA!
  18. Ford CD3. Shared with the Mazda 6
  19. its opposite day every day where he lives.
  20. it really is. My dad has one as a company car and it is working out great. Fits everyone in the family just fine, AC works great, looks good, and has decent power and good fuel mileage. Im glad Ford finally nailed a solid daily driver.
  21. Ford has really stepped it up with just about everything.
  22. Ive driven the v6 and it was great. Obviouslt it still wasn't exactly quick, but it was a very good drive, exactly what it needed to be. The interior is great too, which is incredible compared to Ford's of just earlier in the decade.

    Lets just see how reliable they will be a few years down the line, I might strongly consider having my family buy this as a daily driver for my mom or something.
  23. I was looking at buying one of these cars, but the way american cars depreciate I was only interested in used models. Didn't find any good deals when I was browsing for cars however, so I didn't buy one.
  24. Which V6?
  25. Oh I have no idea... come to think of it I dont know if it was FWD or AWD

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